Welcome my dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to an interesting project.Hello dears! Surely each of you has your own Hobbies. It can be anything: drawing, singing, sports, dancing. People always find a way to spend their free time. Personally,I love everything related to sports. I am not a professional athlete, but I do and follow sports events constantly. Everyone should surround themselves with a coach who knows us and allows us to expand our boundaries by respecting the person we are and the commitments we have (Yes, there are commitments other than triathlon in my life!). We need to surround ourselves with people who care about us as a nutritionist, masseur, physiotherapist who will be there to help us prevent pain, where we will help to cure them. We should also surround each other, who share the same passion, who experience the same problems associated with achieving the goal and with whom you can laugh and communicate in training between the two intervals. We have to take our UPS and downs. When everything is fine, okay, but when nothing is happening or something is wrong as we hoped, we need to know how to accept it. It's happening. You should be able to bounce and know how to use these stockings. They are also part of the training. There will be UPS and downs in the race but there may be falls and you will have to deal with it.
Today, blockchain technology is sweeping the planet, it is so unique that it is used everywhere and brings people comfort and pleasure. The FanChain project introduces this technology into its project, the main feature of which is the creation of a full-fledged streaming sports industry.
The developers of the FanChain project plan to create a unique, global entertainment platform, with the principles of decentralization. FanChain-will be created for all fans of sports and sporting events. They are going to realize the dream of all spectators, namely to make money on their love for the sport! The very idea of the platform is built on 4 pillars:

create a Foundation for true fans who will be able to receive rewards in the form of project coins;
fans will be awarded coins for supporting their team or athlete;
fans will be able to spend fanchain tokens on products, get access to bonuses, and pay for content;
for sports teams this is a unique opportunity to attract new fans;
other sports grounds and media resources will increase the number of their viewers at The expense of the fanchain tokens, offering them bonuses for participating in the support of the team.

FanChain compatible with all tokens of the type ERC20. It will be convenient to store on a standard myetherwallet wallet. But since this wallet does not see individual tickets of athletes or teams,the developers will create their own Fanwallet for the main mobile operating systems (Android / IOS). The team also plans to create its own exchange, where any member of the system will be able to exchange the FanChain of one team to the FanChain of another. It will appeal to those who likes to gather baseball cards or etc

FanChain creates a priority in which sporting events are put at the forefront. Creating the principle of feedback between the team and its fans. Sport is extremely important for a person and such projects will popularize this hobby. Children with childhood be instilled love of the sport. Many large investors have already appreciated the project and took an active part in it, supporting the developers. I also advise you to look at it, study the White book and take part in the project. Thank you for your attention.

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