I welcome you dear investors. Everything is in your hands and profit will not keep you waiting if you look closely at the projects. And so today I want to offer you a promising project.This is perhaps a great development that shows how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology create jobs and are the driving force behind economic activity. But, as we know because of the excitement of the ICO scams, the gap with the ICO block-funded enterprises and the dubious marketing practices of the ICO, some participants in the economy a little attitude to business ethics. Unfortunately, some self-proclaimed ICO rating agencies are reportedly getting into this case.

The project aims to become a leader in providing financial and analytical information on cryptocurrency market trends so that investors can make informed investment decisions and have long-term market strategies.

This is the first independent international rating Agency to assess investment risks in the blockchain economy. You have ratings assigned to projects automatically based on mathematical evaluation results, neural networks and many measurements of a huge amount of data. International standard risk management method is taken Neironix. This means using risk assessment methods that are the same because they are targeted professional investors and institutional funds of the traditional economy.

Currently, the international rating methodology is used in about eighty-eight countries, and these are the countries with the highest level of gross domestic product, a good indicator and guidance on risk management. The practice in this unique ecosystem is that the rating takes a full approach, using at least 75 key dynamic risk factors, to be able to obtain an objective perspective of the investment attractiveness of the ICO or blockchain project , Thus, in the end, investors have access to information that is devoid of bias regarding the main "strategic indicators and potential risks".


The method used by Neironix gives it the ability to identify a number of factors affecting reliability and how sustainable, investment, is the ICO project. Another good news is that at the moment a beta version of the platform is available, giving a list of ICO projects. It is also available as a mobile app for IOS and Android, including the Google Chrome browser.

The project has great advantages in the following aspects: information transparency, a historical record in terms of previous ICO projects implemented on the blockchain, it is the final product, and the team on the platform is unique - the presence of leading risk management experts associated with the G31000, an international leader in the field of corporate risk management. In addition, Neironix is actively involved in the development of encryption standards, provides online data analysis, online data tracking and many other features that make the project one of these types.

The details of the token :

The problem NRX consists of 140 000 000 tokens, while additional problems are provided. The total amount of funds raised - 31 000 000 USD at the relevant exchange rate USD / ETH at the time of sale (68% of the issue value).

After the Token sale ends, all unsold tokens are burned.

The value of one NRX token: 1 NRX = 0.001061571 ETH.

The minimum amount for a participant Token sales: 0.1 ETH.

Accepted cards: ETH, BTC.

NRX token sale

The start of accepting applications for the purchase of NRX - August 1, 2018.

NRX sales start on September 1, 2018.

NRX sales close on November 30, 2018.

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For more information, you can visit the official Neironix website and read their whitepaper. Links can be found below.

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