I welcome you dear readers. I am always happy to share with you the most promising ideas and startups from the cryptocurrency world. The overwhelming number of crypto-currency exchanges now cannot provide adequate conditions for their participants. This is not surprising, because almost every exchange that is now working has only one goal – by any means to make money. As a result, we get the following problems:

There is no convenient interface and high speed. This leads to the fact that users spend quite a lot of time to start trading and close certain orders.
The security of many exchanges leaves much to be desired. And what's the point to add your own personal savings? In fact, now can hack almost any exchange, and this leads to only one thing – the decline of the market.
There is not a large number of trading pairs, and this leads to the fact that people have to register and use a large number of different exchanges.
As you know, the thirst for profit from the developers of modern exchanges leads to only one thing – new users do not want to communicate with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Do you think it's time to change the situation?

So the developers think of the exchange as well, so I decided to create an innovative project which on advantage will be estimated by the overwhelming majority of users. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the project Cryptonity, its prospects and features.

What is Cryptonity
So, Cryptonity-is a modern exchange, which sets a fairly large number of ambitious goals. That is, this project is aimed at creating comfortable and simple conditions for cryptocurrency trading.

For example, special attention exchange developers Cryptonity pay to make a comfortable and practical interface. This will have a positive impact on the trading of new users who have just started to get acquainted with this platform. Another important advantage is the high speed of the exchange. Therefore, you can make funds, trade and withdraw them in just one minute.
Can you imagine the speed? Cryptonity developers also pay special attention to the relationship with their users. Therefore, each participant can take a direct part in the development of the platform, adding new tools, trading pairs and much more.

All this will create a really thoughtful platform that will be highly appreciated by users.

The benefits of the project
There are several important benefits of the project Cryptonity:

There will be built a close relationship between users and developers, which will help to bring the exchange to perfection.
Low fees will be able to attract even large investors and traders who do not want to lose their money out of the blue.
The exchange has developed an extremely simple and intuitive interface that is comfortable and easy to understand.
Cryptonity boasts a high speed of operation that will allow you to trade without any time costs.
A high level of security will be a pleasant surprise for everyone.

And most importantly-the exchange aims to become convenient for all users. And in modern realities it is extremely important, because most similar projects run only for money, forgetting about the interests of ordinary users.

Technical parameters

Cryptonity is a unique exchange where each user will make a decision in managing, adding new trading pairs and much more. On the exchange will be available a lot of tools and features that certainly will not leave indifferent even experienced users. In addition, activities Cryptonity highly appreciated by many experts. And this suggests that it certainly will be able to take its place in the market. But, it should be clearly understood that a lot depends on the number of active users, so the marketing company should be effective, only this will help to realize all the goals.

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