Welcome my dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to a very promising project. The project has very high ratings. And I am sure that from this project you can get a very high income.Since I saw in this project a high investment attractiveness, which is confirmed by high ratings. And so meet.The value Of anonymity has no price, and the ecosystem AceD Cash, AceD Coin along with their Masternodes decentralized you want to explore it in a way never before seen on the Platform oriented for privacy, offering the best anonymity of the class to the users and their transactions this will be a differentiator for users with their acceptance in masa noca coin has a great potential of appreciation in today's day and most of the coin with the concept of privacy does not offers nothing beyond the coin, in spite of this, most of the criptomoedas that only provide anonymity,

the AceD plans to develop a platform-oriented privacy, where the possibilities will be endless resources offered include sending private payments and instant transactions are 100% private and confirmed in less than 1 second with these specifications and with such information that the online gaming industry will reach a market size of over US $ 50 billion in 2018, the ACED is trying to take advantage of this opportunity with the launch of the ACED GAMINGum portal fast and secure and private by focusing on privacy cide of the user, an online platform that will allow gamers to play against each other in games based on skill while betting on the result of this will give two ways of fun you can air play or attached bet in the results this will give you but control over what you want to do on the platform with a rich ecosystem and diverse


the AceD Streaming Streaming video has become a tremendous industry Some streamers popular have become celebrities through what started as a hobby, or a simple joke the biggest streaming service of games, Twitch, was recently bought by Amazon for almost $ 1 billion. The ACED Streaming is a Streaming platform that allows the streamer to be rewarded for the quality of the content that they provide, thus attracting celebrities to the platform in a way rewarding and but profitable since its contents are exposed on the platform will have all the reasons to boast of were which things will happen will be very full the platform there are other services worth checking out but on this mult-platform to innovate on varos sectors with different services provided to AceD Snap is proud to offer a platform that aims to unite the world, allowing people to see through the eyes of photographers who share photos through the platform


ACED all photographers professional or not can now earn royalties by selling your photos, and getting tips from viewers / users, unlike other platforms, the ACED brings the ethics of decentralization, allowing all and everyone to join in and share with the world what inspires them with the opportunity to earn royalties for his work being so very profitable to be on the platform seje different people with different goals to be AceD anger offer solutions that are comprehensive deforms rewarded to its users, thus forming an ecosystem of monetization full seje for any purposes that the person intends to participate in the AceD has a good solution for everyone I am not from the team but as I've been relataando there are other solutions not mentioned here but I invite you all to see the tçao those who are this ecosystem
About token
MAXIMUM COINS: 25.000.000
TIME BLOCK TARGET: 120 seconds
REWARD OF BLOCKS: 20 (14,4 for MasterNodes; 3,6 for Miners; 2 to Fund of the Treasury)
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