My dear reader. So the weekend is approaching , which means that for you I have prepared promising reviews.The Apollo project aims to become a leader in the digital entertainment industry and started a crowdsale token (APO) to raise funds for the implementation of the goals. The ICO began on July 16, 2018.

At the moment, the entertainment industry turns billions of dollars in different currencies, and the Apollo project should provide it with a better infrastructure. Thanks to the Apollon blockchain platform, businesses will have another opportunity to find new customers by publishing commercial offers.

The concept of the Apollo project business model is as follows:

  • creating a platform based on a variety of entertainment offers;

  • application of blockchain technology will provide the platform with more reliability and security;

  • reliable tools for payments, as well as gateways through which they will be placed;

  • use of LCash, the value of Which is tied to the us dollar, as well as bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

apollon-platform0-bitbetnewscomand of the Apollo project will develop all the necessary blockchain applications for its operation and will become one of the world's first most comprehensive multi-purpose platforms that will rebuild the ecosystem of electronic Commerce for entertainment and recreation. Their vision is to have a "free flow of value", allowing users to benefit from blockchain technology.

The Apollo project is based on the following technical solutions:

• BFT-DPoS – Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus, and delegated proof of stake;

• Longtooth communication Protocol;

• Tool to exchange messages TuYYo;

  • Ntrusign signature and keccak-512 hashing algorithm.

Apollon platform to allow interconnection allowing different blockchains to interact with each other. This will help to ensure more efficient, convenient, secure and stable data processing.

APO applies a more environmentally friendly solution for encryption, compared to the consensus mechanism of Bitcoin or Ethereum. The DPoS mechanism applied on the platform does not need to increase the power to have a better chance of mining the unit, so it saves resources significantly.

apollon-platform-bitbetnewsnad Apollon project is a strong team that has experience with both blockchain companies and Finance. Apollo project CEO is Alan Lau, who is known worldwide for working with Hewlett-Packard, as well as for creating the world's first Unix online trading system. Most recently, he has been an investor, developer and performer in the field of IOT, push notifications, artificial intelligence, post-quantum encryption and online gaming. CTO Apollon is Robin Fan, who previously was the head of information technology for the Hong Kong futures exchange and the clearing Corporation. He was also an IT developer for leading international financial companies including Morgan Stanley, Bank of China and others.

apollon-platform1-bitbetnews more information about the Apollon project, you can read in the White Paper, which is on the website www.apollon-foundation.org

To raise funds for the development, the Apollo project team plans to issue its own APO tokens in the amount of 2 500 000 000. During this phase, ICO may be implemented 248 000 000 tokens cost $ 1 apiece. All funds raised will be used to develop and launch the Apollo Blockchain infrastructure, to build an ecosystem and marketing; to create a Web-eSports – online gaming infrastructure; to create a payment and settlement system; cryptocurrency and own wallet.

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Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951


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