My dear readers today I want to introduce you to a very promising project.This project is truly unique and I am sure that it will take its rightful place in the industry. ArtPro creates a market for private dealers and contemporary artists, paying special attention to new talents. The ArtPro platform aims to open the world of art to the masses by allowing anyone to view and buy online art without excessive fees, middlemen and a steep learning curve. The platform is designed to traditionally make art accessible not only to privileged people with special abilities and knowledge. As the world's first blockchain-enhanced online art market, ArtPro believes that modern technological solutions take place in this archaic industry. By introducing transparency and consistency, we can build a reliable market, block by block.

Art has long been valued not only for its beauty. Art from renowned craftsmen to contemporary works of art has been used as a repository of wealth for people wanting to invest in assets that are largely immune to the movement of financial markets. However, this segment can hardly be called the most protected from counterfeiting, often people are faced with serious problems.
It seems that 30% of all art sales are related to fake masterpieces. In the report" Deloitte Finance 2017 ""Deloitte" in 2017 "authenticity, lack of provenance, forgery and attribution" "the greatest threat to the reputation of the art market." Such reports show the real picture of this segment.

ArtPro is a user-friendly platform that takes advantage of the many benefits of blockchain technology, allowing you to restore trust that has long been absent in the art industry. Instead of relying on third-party authenticators, ArtPro advocates a consensus mechanism that provides a secure, decentralized system. Providing a secure platform for buyers of art masterpieces, turns the online art market into a project that makes it easy to buy and sell proven, authentic paintings over the Internet.

There are no problems with the authentication of works of art - only authentic masterpieces will be presented here, the quality of which is ensured by blockchain and intellectual contracts. When buying any work of art, you get certain guarantees and can count on the safe execution of the transaction.

The ArtPro platform provides everything you need to prove the origin of art masterpieces. Transparent verification is the main standard of this platform, the most modern tools are used here. By enabling smart contracts, ArtPro can be used in domestic and international sales to bridge the gap between buyer and seller, making transactions more cost-effective and secure. Artists can sell their work directly to their target audience, eliminating typical listing fees of up to 50%, while buyers can purchase art with proof of completion reports and a clear reputation ranking system.

As experienced investors who have started out in the information age, we not only strive to learn all about our investments, from their origin to their journey, but also want to try before buying. Integration of Augmented Reality software into the ArtPro platform allows you to effectively use virtual models of works of art - you can quickly make sure that the picture will be the ideal choice for your home. It's as simple as identifying the item you like and using dApp to find out how it looks on the spot; real art for real spaces using AR to realize your vision before making a purchase. The ArtPro platform is your library, your mirror and your market.

As the world's first blockchain-enhanced online art market, ArtPro believes that modern technological solutions take place in this archaic industry. By introducing transparency and consistency, they can build a reliable market based on trust and direct cooperation.

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