Welcome my dear readers. Today I want you mail with a very perspective project. The project has a very high rating. And I am sure that from this project you can get a very high income.Imagine a scenario where people can buy their cars, even repair their cars and pay for the money they want without first finding a way to convert crypto currencies into Fiat currency and without having to pay some of the money for transaction and conversion fees. government light has turned into its direction; AutoBlock makes this scenario a reality. The fact that paying for cryptocurrency is really hard to find as finding a real car can find suppliers and the fact that there are very few of them is very hard to find.
The lack of data in vehicles prior to purchase has become a serious problem in the automotive industry; Recipients have the right to have all the tools they need to make a purchase, but the monopoly has prevented potential buyers from finding their data. The AutoBlock platform basically solves all these problems related to the automotive industry.

The AutoBlock platform activates cryptocurrency when buying cars, creating a designated cryptocurrency for the automotive industry, making it much easier for car dealers and buyers. Autocoin's designated cryptocurrency offers many advantages to car dealers and buyers; Transactions are made very easily without a refund and high security with very few transactions. The AutoBlock platform consists of the exchange of all transactions on the platform.
With Auto Coin, people will be able to buy, sell or Transact in cryptocurrency when they buy, sell or sell a car, regardless of whether the transaction is between two individuals or through a dealer. This revolutionary idea is expected to disrupt both the main car market and the used car market. Delivery of crypto payments for the purchase and sale of cars will be carried out using the following three methods:
Web portal: customers will be able to access our system through a web portal on their computer, tablets or mobile devices.
Mobile application. Users can download our mobile app, which will be available in Google Play and iOS. This app will contain a number of services, including a wallet for storing and transferring crypto coins.
API: Autoblock will provide API access to its blockchain via ERC-20 standards. Customers will process their transactions by choosing their currency of choice (e.g. Auto Coin or US $). The payment is then processed in that currency.
The system will convert the amount and process the transaction (if available). If you do not select a currency, Auto Coin will process the transaction in the default currency.
The larger the platform grows and the more widely used, the more valuable auto Coin tokens become. This will increase profits for users - this is a good reason for them to hold onto their Auto Coins for a long period of time (like any other cryptocurrency).
Auto Coin can be used in:

Peer-to-peer transactions
Prepaid card transactions
Business for individual transactions
Individual business operations
Business operation
Repair of broken token market
Auto Coin aims to address existing token market issues using a subscription model: users will have to subscribe if they want to run an evaluation algorithm. Users who already have Auto Coins can trigger a limited number of free evaluations. They can also use their Auto Coins to buy a premium subscription package that can be used to provide much more ratings and vehicle requests.

In addition, Auto Coin offers a unique benefit: all owners of Auto Coin have the right to participate in the profits of the business. This is a unique opportunity that no other coin in the automotive segment offers.

Token Sale Car Rental
AutoCoin is based on Ethereum, which is compatible with the standard ERC-20, with the total number of tokens in the amount of 400 000 000 ATC, of which 220 000 000 are for sale. The token sale will take place in several rounds, providing bonuses in a sliding scale. The private sale began in July 2018 and will be followed by a pre-sale starting September 15, 2018. Tokens will be distributed as follows: 20% - pre - sale, 35% - initial coin offering, 19% - saving , 15% - team, 6% - bounty and rewards, 5% - seeds round.

Information about tokens
The name of the token: AUTOCOIN
Token Ticker: ATC
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total token Supply: 400,000,000
Country Of Registration: United Kingdom
Web site: HERE
Text: HERE

Investment information
Token for sale: 220 000 000 (55%)
Valid currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Token price: 1 ATC = $ 0.25
Soft cover: 5,000 ETH
Rigid cover: 40 000 ETH
Restricted areas: China, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea , USA

More info in:
Web site:
Technical document:
Ann Subject:


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