Undeniably, energy in general and electricity in particular play a very important role, if not survival, to the development of each nation, nation, or even the whole world. Modern economies and societies can not survive without electricity, and BEATRĪX will play an important role in generating and distributing electricity and power to millions. BEATRĪX meets the growing demand for high-performance telecommunications.

BEATRĪX will provide green energy and telecommunications, at a low cost, and sustainable to those who need it most. The main focus of BEATRĪX is Africa, where BEATRX will grow and grow until BEATRĪX becomes a market leader. BEATRĪX is equipped with a revolutionary technology and new blockchain technology to help Africa grow rapidly.

BEATRĪX is created from a network of organizations. These are, for example, KIT, Energy Towers GmbH, GBZ GmbH, Nynex / FiberONE, Phenecia AG and Bioconstruct GmbH.

Problems to face
The fact is that almost all Africans have access to clean, plentiful electricity and virtually no electricity in the next decade. Additional bonuses here are that countries, villages and even individuals can grow their economies immediately, bypassing the time and cost of permanently generated capacity.

Supplying the population is not simply an economic conversation, but a humanitarian dialogue. For most, electrification does not mean running a refrigerator or television, but, more importantly, providing heat and light from a source that does not fill a house with dangerous smoke. It could mean charging a mobile phone from which payments can be made, receiving phone calls and important news reports being read. Providing family energy means healthy families, better education for children, and optimizing financial transfers to capture rural people.

There is a real opportunity to demonstrate to the world the impact of small-scale DETDs, mixed-renewable energy sources at the micro and mobile levels in Africa.

The methods given by BEATRĪX
For much of rural Africa, the use of electricity is not widely applied, electricity is not used with TVs or refrigerators ... But electricity can be used to charge cell phones. And cell phones are used to receive important calls, make payments and even receive important news.

Providing cell phones will help families grow economically, educate children and integrate financial opportunities. BEATRĪX decided that this would not go the way of concentration. Instead, it will allow for the creation of decentralized power. This is practical, since many rural areas in Africa do not have the infrastructure to connect to the network. This project represents a real opportunity to demonstrate to the world the effectiveness of DETD at a small scale.This is a vast energy trading market for consumers, traders, investors and buyers of renewable energy certification. Includes a lot of customers

Using mobile devices and local mobile devices, consumers will purchase the RX-Token from the platform to pay for electricity / telecommunications services in the "prepaid" system, just as they would pay for. minutes or their data from local telecoms. Although network coverage is not always available, 80% of Africans own a mobile device.

Owners and trader:
RīX owners and traders have the option of using RīX energy auctions when a 1 MW DETD is built and activated. This will enable traders to take advantage of price changes depending on demand and supply. Anyone in the world can invest, buy and sell. There is a basic mode for users, consumers and sellers, with advanced modes for traders.

The BEATRĪX platform will have the ability to display and interact with RīX Tokens, the only digital currency accepted on the platform.

Linked devices:
The BEATRX platform can connect customers to the device. The system allows high-end customer service based on real-time data. For example, proactive alerts can be issued to customer service agents immediately to track issues before they grow.

Smart design:
Payments are supported in ways that benefit both customers and suppliers. Systems are able to switch off the device remotely if monthly payments are not made and convert them back after the payment continues.

Ecosystem BEATRĪX
BEATRĪX is responding to the growing demand for high-performance telecommunications. BEATRĪX wants Africa to overcome one of society's greatest challenges: digital development and transformation.

BEATRĪX strives to provide electricity and telecommunications to rural communities in Africa and in areas where only limited networks exist and people can not afford relatively expensive connections. People in rural areas pay more electricity than urban grid connection areas and that is not our goal or our plan. BEATRĪX will provide electricity to people in rural areas less than others to ensure that these areas grow much faster.BEATRĪX's development team consists of the most talented IT, marketing, energy, business, management, media, blockchain, and IT professionals with years of experience in the areas where they have been. work. Together with experienced consultants, the development team is well prepared to provide a perfect platform for the global market. The main team consists of 27 professionals and a talented world-class advisory board including 03 people in the fields of finance, marketing, media, blockchain ...

World class talent advisory board in the areas of financial services, energy, banking, blockchain, marketing ...

  • BEATRĪX has breakthrough ideas, materials and websites are beautiful design, reasonable:
    Beautiful interface, eye-catching and easy to see, contains all the necessary information about the ICO as well as the development direction of the project. Show the professionalism of the BEATRĪX team in project operation.

The detailed white paper on BEATRĪX's 62 pages in English is available at:
It contains information about the project, development team, roadmap, development directions, operation and pre-sale and ICO. This white paper is designed very nicely, the information is illustrated in detail and clear. This illustrates the great effort the BEATRX team has put into this project.

  • Be the site, the world's leading ICO tracking organization highly appreciated

If you want to invest in BEATRĪX, this is a good time to invest. Join Pre-Sale now, visit for more information, and remember to buy right before every token is sold out.

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