Welcome my dear friends. Today I will tell you about a new unique project. And so, dear investors welcome in the new project.Getting additional income using the Internet is very popular nowadays. Of course, everyone wants to have a passive way of earning, while doing what he likes and not being distracted from the main work. With the help of decentralized project Beatzcoin each user will be able to view someone else's and create their own digital content on favorable terms. Content is an unlimited resource, the effective use of which will allow you to get a high income with minimal costs. One of the main problems of profitable use of content is the presence of fraudsters in the network. Due to the decentralization of the platform and use the blockchain technology, the project Beatzcoin ensure safe operation for all users.

Key features of Beatzcoin
With the help of the Beatzcoin platform, you can create your own content, gradually expanding the boundaries and attracting fans and subscribers to active communication. The content is very popular, attractive to advertisers. By placing ads on your page, the user receives additional income, the amount of which is discussed individually. The user manages their content on their own and may subsequently transfer to trust management to other person.

Advantages Of Beatzcoin
Work on the project begins as standard with registration. Most projects use KUS-verification of data during registration, in order to protect their service and other users from fraud and the work of chatbots. Platform Beatzcoin no exception and performs a thorough check of each registered person.

By installing the software Beatzcoin, the user can create your digital content on any topic of interest to him, filling it with material at its discretion. There is a wide range of tools available on the project, thanks to which users can exchange opinions about publications, subscribe to their favorite pages, etc.Working on the web version in the project is possible, as well as in the mobile application using a smartphone.

An interesting advantage is the possibility of renting out a Beatzcoin account using a special option. All rights to the content are reserved and assigned to the owner, while the trust management is completely carried out by the tenant. When working in this direction, you can specify what changes the tenant has the right to make to the content on their own, and which – only in agreement with the owner of the resource.

The creators of Beatzcoin have invented a marketing platform for digital content creators on a global level. The project offers to study a variety of marketing strategies to increase user income. After krautsalat, the creators of the platform Beatzcoin will be released a new project VibraVid, which aims on the basis of developments Beatzcoin to unite creators and consumers of digital content on favorable terms for both parties.

On the project for calculations, use the same name token BTZC, based on network throne. This network was chosen by the creators of the project Beatzcoin not by chance. The choice in favor of the market is justified by the fact that viewing digital content requires high speed, low transaction costs and compatibility with leading third-party services, crypto-wallets and crypto-exchanges. Tron allows you to create a favorable environment for the operation of the application VibraVid and cryptocurrency Beatzcoin.

Cryptocurrency Beatzcoin
400 million btzc tokens were sent for sale, which is 40% of the total amount of cryptocurrency issued. Crowdsale on the project is held in four stages with a total length of one year with a deadline of 1 February inclusive. Until the end of October, investors still have the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency at a more favorable price at the rate of 2 BTZC for one transceiver.

The outcome of the review Beatzcoin
Thus, the Beatzcoin project is a decentralized platform for creating digital content with a large list of marketing tools. Using the project allows you to make money on the created content. Convenient interface Beatzcoin, the possibility of reliable storage of information will attract the attention of users.

The development of the project began at the beginning of the year and at the moment smart contracts have already been launched, a bounty campaign has been launched. For the final launch of the full functionality of the project by 2020, it is necessary to implement the crypto-wallet of the project. The first step in the integration platform Beatzcoin in the project VibraVid will release VibraVid Radio and television. The investments attracted during the crowdsale are planned to be directed mainly to the technical development of the project (50%).

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