Welcome my dear friends. today I will tell you about a very promising project. The global online gambling market has grown at a significant rate during 2010-2016 and it is projected that the market will continue to grow over the next five years. This growth was forecast based on previous growth patterns, growth factors, and current and future trends. Online gambling on the Internet has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world, necessitating a platform where online players can place bets without fear and transparency. BETR IS a decentralized block gambling platform that supports peer-to-peer transactions. The inclusion of cryptocurrency and sports betting will undoubtedly revolutionize the gambling industry and completely change the way payment is made. One of such major sporting events as the current 2018 FIFA world Cup Russia, as well as many other major sporting events that take place around the world3, so the future of betting is BETR.

Betting has always been an attractive form of entertainment due to the excitement of the game, risk factors and the possibility of winning money. The growth of the Internet has brought this form of entertainment into the online environment, through which gambling has entered the Golden age. The introduction of blockchain technology may eliminate the need for an intermediary, in this case being a bookmaker and betting agencies. This allows us to introduce a new level of security and transparency into the process by which sports betting will be more secure than ever.

BetterBetting is a new cryptocurrency with betting, which was developed in order to help decentralize online sports. Using blockchain technology, BetterBetting aims to make transactions safe and fair, as backed by a smart contract, and because of the P2P and decentralized ecosystem, there will be no use of a Central authority.

BetterBetting uses a distributed blockchain technology for contract rates, Deposit shares, check the results and payouts for the winners. Excluding Central authorities, BetterBetting solves the most pernicious problems in the industry. Reducing corruption and risk leads to predictable work.

BetterBetting will work in Ethereum and use their smart contracts that all rates you can check. The user will be able to choose the odds he wants to return or stack and then the system will match the two users together and they will place their bet and place the bet together. The bet then starts the smart contract and once the event is over, the winner will receive their tokens.

Blockchain technology implemented on BetterBetting provides many advantages, including:

Open source systems: the software that regulates Better Betting is completely open source and is available to anyone who copies and uses.
Larger bets: it allows you to place bets that exceed amounts that " individual operators are willing to risk." In addition to this, the bets are combined in such a way that many games can match a single bet.
It's fair to say that all transactions that go through it are"provably fair and reliable."
Security. To ensure fair remuneration for all, all the bets which take place in the framework of this system, pre-funded on both sides.
Easy to use: by using the national currency, the BetterBetting token eliminates the need for any credit cards, Bank transfers and other outdated payment mechanisms. In addition, BETR tokens (coins with bets) are the ERC20 standard, which means that IT is traded on different exchange platforms
Quick access to funds: all profits are instantly available to users. The winnings are distributed as soon as the bet is placed and become available instantly in the form of crypto funds.


The ICO token value is set at $ 0.10 per token to be valued at ETH and BTC at the exchange rate during the ICO.

24% of the issued tokens will be provided to the founders and the team.

7% of the issued tokens will be intended for consultants and bounties.

5% of tokens were sold to investors at an early stage

There is a hard cap with a mark of 650M

The company plans to raise a minimum of $ 2 million, a maximum of $ 30 million. These funds will be used for

The development and production of the best Protocol rates
Development and open sources dapps and hub software
Marketing to key stakeholders and consumers
Legal and administrative expenses

To contribute and know about the progress of this campaign, you can visit some of the following links:


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