Good evening, dear readers. Technology goes forward, now people can just open the app on their smartphone, make a few taps and voila, our order has arrived! Fast, efficient and completely personal. Inspired by Uber (Uber Technologies Inc.(Uber) —americanscandinavian castrationresistant Francisco, created gnomemobile application for searching, calling and platysace or private drivers. With the Uber app, the customer reserves the car with the driver and tracks its movement to the specified point. In most cases, drivers use their own cars, as well as the cars of taxi companies or partners. In most countries, 80% of the payment goes to the driver, 20% goes to Uber. BlooCYS is ultimately-as a platform that helps consumers hire the right professional for the counseling service . It can be learning a new language, getting a tutorial about makeup or hairstyles, fixing a bug or it related problems. The possibilities are endless, all through video and in real time. This makes BlooCYS truly unique, as it offers convenience, on-time delivery and a high level of service, all that modern demanding consumers expect. In fact, a consultation service by bloocys can be delivered to them whether they are at home, in the office, in the cafe or in the Park.
Today I want to introduce you to a new but promising project.Friends, meet-a revolutionary platform for hiring professionals for consulting services using real-time video, BlooCYS . BlooCYS helps to find additional income, professionals and experts in various fields who are looking for a more flexible work schedule or additional income. Simply put, it is a win-win platform for everyone.

BlooCYS will allow millions of people to participate in the next wave of economic change, unlike past cycles where only those who own assets can profit from their use. In the decentralized BlooCYS model, everyone can now be a direct economic beneficiary. In economic beneficiaries, people are more likely to use the service, this will create an effective cycle of growth and opportunity for all without any intermediaries. Customers will be able to find genuine, reliable professionals, at the same time as experts and professionals will be able to enjoy greater autonomy and receive additional income. The use of blockchain technology and BlooCYS will unite consumers and experts in a decentralized, open and fair network, anyone will be able to use the platform.

The smart contracts technology and BlooCYS token platform (CYS token), which underpins the platform, will provide an automated and transparent system for investment and profit sharing. Token information:

Token symbol: CYS
Platform : CYS is built as an ERC 20 token on the Ethereum blockchain
Total tokens issued: 1 000 000 CYS
Token sale first price: 1 CYS = US $ 0.10 (or the corresponding amount in ETH determined by the Board based on the prevailing exchange rate)
Soft cover: US $ 5 000 000
Hard cap: US $ 40 000 000
Accepted Currency: ETH

The distribution of Tokens CYS :
Sale and bonus 40 %
10% reward and reward
5% of advisors and early backers
15% founders & team
Company reserve 30 %

The BlooCYS platform will have its own pre-determined exchange rate with reference to one of the major currencies.Thus, any user (including advertisers) will be able to easily buy a Cys token directly from the BlooCYS platform without going to a cryptocurrency exchanger. All funds received from the sale of Cys tokens will be used exclusively for the development, promotion and growth of the BlooCYS platform.

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