Hello my dear readers.I want to introduce you to an interesting project.The development of Blockchain technology is an important reason why the history of the origin of the health world is useful for use and perception. The idea of a safe channel dedicated to healthy behavior may seem like an artificial idea, but reality is possible.

Bolttcoin is a very good example based on blocking links so that users can send medical data and get results as a result. The ICO platform will strive to become an important company promoting users who improve personal health and introduce the world of health. Learn more about how Bolttcoin can change aspects of Hamilton's health.

This coin-operated bolt? is an online platform for social protection based on the block relations, which focuses on the development of virtual communities from entities in the field of health. The platform also provides a technology tool that can be used to encourage users to use the health care market and maintain their appearance and receive a gift for it. In fact, the Volta coin will try to motivate people in a way that encourages health promotion.

Bolttcoin Marketplace customers are looking for core products and companies that can pay for their services with Bolttcoin (Bolt) BolttCoin, their platform token.

Therapeutic services are also used to obtain basic treatments at a discount

BoltKoyn has a sweepstakes with some indications to get rid of a specially created gift shop as a condition for a party.

Competitions and leisure participants will be interested in games and games in the social security sector and Boltuin

Interesting trades are focused on the supply of liquidity. Digital money Boltt offers a strong trading position for transformation Bolttcoin.

BolttCoin uses a block chain innovation capacity. Customers can earn tokens at the end of certain medical problems and can put information. The owner will also use the tokens to pay for exchange, commodity, and administrative costs in the distributed biological system.

The advantages of the Bolt-coins

With subsidies in the form of BolttCoin, reaching personal goals in the field of social welfare and socio explaining information about welfare.

The potential high demand is an irreversible desire to integrate therapeutic services into a square chain, and BolttCoin is a benchmark that a chatterbox Can imagine in the interests of a Chatterbox.

Conjugated chain of double blocks with a concrete chain allow customers BolttCoin to use the astral and the wave markers.

Bolt-coin BOLT Token ICO
Bolttcoin will provide the crowd with $ 1 billion to sell 50% of the token. The crowd sale begins may 20, 2018 through June 20, 2018.

The details of the token
BOLTT symbol
received BTC LTC BCH, ETH Xmr DASH, the ZEC, the Governor, WAVE XRP and Fiat (USD, EUR)
shipping BOLT sales 500 000 000
Currency (1) 4000 ETH BOLTT, 1 BTC BOLTT 70000
The minimum investment amount of 1 BTC ETH LTC is

ICO token deployment ICO bonus program
the initial group of 10%
Consulting Partner -3%
strategic partner, 3%
production% 15
1% 15% ICO Program-7% bounty on
together, the emissions

For more information, visit the following
web site:
White paper:
Twitter: https://Twitter.COM/bolttsports
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