Welcome, my dear readers.Vacation is the best time and will share the good mood I decided with you. And so I will begin the review of a very perspictive project. Traditionally, we will start with a brief description of the project.Platform CryptoLancers is the foundation of liberalization and coding CryptoLancers for the service of payment online, it allows the link between the project leader and the service provider by help people bring creative projects and hire freelancers to deliver the work and related services. CryptoLancers will solve many problems
For decades, the foundation of freedom have struggled to find the balance between customer needs and the needs of the developer, freelancer, while the server operators stuck in the middle.
CryptoLancers help you to easily pay and receive money quickly and CryptoLancer provide services that best meet the goals and problems of the customers with least cost and time possible.
Ecosystem CryptoLancers use distributed computing to solve the problems of the trading services, online payment, inherent in the existing system, in a background peer to be sole distributor. Blockchain technology decentralization and the smart contracts to facilitate the payment of customer's project on a trusted platform, offering a risk of significant reduction of fraud and there is no counterparty risk.
Friends, meet CryptoLancers vBulletin CryptoLancers is a decentralized platform horizontal freelancing and mark CryptoLancers for online payments, it allows you to communicate between the project leader and the provider of services to help people revive the creative projects and hire freelancers to carry out the relevant works and services. Some still do not guess who is freelancer. Translated from English, "freelancer" is a professional freedom to work for yourself through the Internet. Themselves he is looking for customers and also decided the work needed and set schedule job. Freelance work can be both with one, and at the same time with a number of clients. In most of the cases out of the freelancers you can meet representatives of the creative professions. Despite recent job remotely related to engineers, consultants, teachers and many others.
Freedom is a work, the nature of which is a person or company that hire themselves to perform a certain task of a person can be in another city or even in another country.
Electronic money is a mechanism for electronic exchange, a means of digital payment, the problem is hierarchical
So, the project CryptoLancers connect two this powerful tool into one.

The advantages of freelancing:
Work schedule for free.
This is probably the most basic is appreciated by those who have chosen this direction is their primary job. You can decide how many days a week you will perform the work, day you there one day last week and when you go on holiday. The main thing is to make the right order the right term. You can wake up and go to sleep at a convenient time for you and don't worry about the fact that you have to wake up by the clock.
Work at home.
What could be better than working in a cozy pajamas with a cup of fragrant tea? You no longer need to spend time on the road and communicate with the colleagues, unpleasant. Work at home, you are in a comfortable environment, beside the ones of you and decide with whom to communicate.
Doesn't matter where you live.
If you look at wages, then in the big cities it is much higher than the small city. At the same time, the expert is also the same everywhere. This is the biggest drawback of conventional work, because the salary depends on where you work geographically. As for freelancing, it doesn't matter where you live. You get paid just because of your ability.
This is the most pleasant that a freelancer has. Immediately, it is worth noting that the income level here is not limited. Your income will depend on the type of work you do. In some areas, the payment depends on the amount of work is done, while in others, about the quality.
Work quiet.
The quiet is something that many citizens appreciate. No customer worry more than those who will annoy you and ask different questions. So with the boss nervous, the people often swear and download work useless.
The ability to combine work and travel.
Some people may think that you can't work and travel at the same time. Everything is true, if you work as a freelancer. All what is needed for the work is computer or laptop with Internet access and some free time.
Information Token :
Token: CLT
Platform: Ethereum
Tags: ERC20
Cryptolancer coding analysis of the current market
Pre-sale 1 Price: $ 0,00
Token amount the maximum will be selling:
5.000.000 out of the 100,000,000 (5%)
Amount minimum purchase: $ 10,000
Pre-sale 2 Price: 0,375
Token amount the maximum will be selling:
10.000.000 out of the 100,000,000 (10%)
Amount minimum purchase: $ 1,000
Price ICO: $ + 0,498
The number of token maximum is sold:
22.500.000 out of the 100,000,000 (22.5%)
Amount minimum purchase: 0.5 ETH
Cryptolancer token total softcap: $ 1,500,000
Cryptolancer token total hardcap: $ 11,250,000
Distributed Token:
CryptoLancer will be distributed as widely as possible in an event distribution code notification upon launch. The distribution will include the holding a number calculated good for groups CryptoLancers, as well as the sale of tokens public and private.

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