Hello my dear readers.I want to introduce you to an interesting project.DRIFE is a decentralized blockchain platform that will allow taxi drivers to earn more and passengers to pay less!

In addition to the main function of the platform, it still has a number of advantages that come out of its Foundation on blockchain technology. Let's look at them in more detail.

Key features of DRIFE
So, well about the zero Commission we have already said. Decentralized and fast, built on the EOS blockchain, DRIFE completely changes all ideas about traditional taxis. First of all, the economic system is changing. No more intermediaries in the form of dispatching services. The relationship client-driver are made directly.

Some of you will say that this is all good, of course, but what about security? After all, can come absolutely any driver with adequate or not very behavior. And then we also come to the aid of the blockchain. Or rather the rating and voting system, which is present there. It's transparent, it's traceable.

And what about the drivers who just decided to come to the service? Here DRIFE will come to the rescue. First, the community can choose "reviewers" for drivers who will receive payment by project tokens. Secondly, the system will be implemented emergency assistance. Here, too, payment can be project tokens.

DRIFE - for the democratic development of the platform. Seeing the future in decentralization, DRIFE provides full social management within the blockchain platform. Financial and operating decisions is also at the mercy of the community.

DRIFE will not restrict users and drivers in fare options. But special bonus offers and discounts will be available for DRF tokens, which will make the token popular. More about this and much more you can read in the WhitePaper project.

You know, it sounds very attractive and creative. Such a concept, I personally have not met. Now let's look at the ICO of this promising project.

The ICO of the project will be held from October 20, 2018 to February 1, 2019. Now there is a round of closed presale, which will last until December 10. DRF token at this stage can be purchased with a 50% bonus and at a price of 0.13 USD. After the end of the ICO, 1 DRF will be equal to 0.25 USD.

Total will be released 325 million DRF, of which the hammer is planned to sell 163 million. More information about the distribution of tokens and funds can be found on the charts:

Hard-cap project-39 million USD, Soft-cap-4 million.

DRF itself will be charged by the platform as a small Commission for travel (it will be from one to three percent, depending on the decision of the community), for the organization of voting, and for the votes themselves.

You know, I really like the idea and the concept of the project. If it is implemented, we will get a working and attractive economic service. Plus, the current trend of decentralization is also reflected in DRIFE. At what here, probably, as in any other project. I mean the full democracy of the platform.

More information about the project can be found on the links below. In particular, there you will find a link to a demonstration of the platform, where you will be able to evaluate the convenience of the future application with your own eyes.

WEB: https://www.drife.one/
WhitePaper: https://www.drife.one / wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Drife-Whitepaper-v1.0.pdf
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027608.0
DEMO: https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/KNOQ9YLJ685#/screens









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