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I salute you my dear readers.Today I present a new and unique project. We have adapted a state-of-the-art system to cover all forms of buying and selling, taking advantage of buyers and sellers and making commercial activities cheaper and easier for both parties.
Integrated paymimage.pngent and pricing options using ECR and loyalty rewards will pave the way for a more profitable trading ecosystem in Nigeria and major breakthroughs in cryptocurrencies in Nigeria and Africa.
Modern market systems for buying and selling must make room for all forms of buying and selling. Such a system should take into account the type of trade carried out in the area of operations, the currency available for trade and the style of trade. Such a system should be able to adjust for changes over time and provide space for scalability. Such a system should include modern schemes and processes that are beneficial to its growth and scalability.
The Nigerian market itself, which is growing rapidly, has also experienced setbacks. Biting economic conditions prevent it from bending its power completely, making commercial activity boring and less profitable. The inability to buy high costs of buying and selling, high rental fees, high costs of purchasing e-Commerce sites and promoting the product have a negative impact on our market.
In addition, Nigeria and African countries lack scalability and distrust of cryptocurrencies as a result of not being able to use it to pay for tangible goods, and lack of trust as the bitcoin Ponzi scheme undermines Nigeria's technological confidence.
It is necessary to restructure the strategy by buying and selling, which is more profitable, less stressful and convenient. A system that should provide space for a person's ability to exchange elements for cryptocurrencies. A system that supports all forms of trading and can be improved as technology advances.

We are the first active hybrid market that has been built to support all forms of trade and Commerce in Nigeria. Be it digital goods, physical goods, trading and currency exchange in crypto currency. Our market model does not ignore buyers like other traditional markets. We have included buyer categories where buyers can post their shopping lists.
Our hybrid market has an integrated online ordering system for people who want to have an e-Commerce site without having to pay a lot of money for development.
Our project involves the inclusion of officers of the Deposit, which control the exchange of digital assets, P2P and cryptocurrency to ensure the safety of the customers.
In addition, with our multi-payment payment options integrated with Fiat, bitcoin and soon to add Eastad Credits and with price options for Naira, ECK and BTC tokens have been added to our market, EASTADS claims to be the best modern market for Nigerians. ,
At Eastads, users have the absolute right to choose the currency they want to buy, sell or pay for.
Our selection of integrated digital goods allows foreigners and locals to purchase digital goods such as gift cards and more in the Nigerian market.
Our loyalty gift program supports buyers and sellers. Fidelity gifts for buyers who will use our delivery services and for sellers who are actively selling in Eastad will increase the scalability of our project.
As a way to increase scalability and maximize potential, paid services or items sold by companies and products from partner stores will be sold at discounted prices to buyers who buy ECR.
As part of our project, while we are supporting the Nigerian market, we are also strengthening confidence in crypto currencies in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
We aim to patrol other projects with the same vision in other African countries to position purchases and sales in Africa at a new level.

Decentralized crypto-currencies are generated by all cryptocurrency system jointly
at a level determined when the system is established and known to the public.


To trade P2P directly in Eastads: sellers can release items in exchange for ECR. Similarly, buyers can publish shopping lists instead of ECR tokens.
For direct product payments: we are working on integrating direct payment options with ECR on the Eastads Marketplace.
For immediate payment, we launch delivery services: we launch our service as a way to support the market in Nigeria. Our services will be paid by ECR or Naira. As usual a fee equal to -30% as measured ECR.
40k Naira is required to activate your seller account. (-30% if the user pays with ECR).
To activate the monthly prizes: in the last week of each month, the ECR will be redeemed from the market by the company and transferred to a wallet that is activated for the prizes. To achieve this, in the last week of each month we will issue a gift form in which the user fills in the details and address. All accounts eligible for the prize must have an ECR of at least $ 100. The ransom will be charged to the right holders.



In conclusion, Most African cryptic monetary standards shy away from the name Africa because of the reproach. This made African tokens / coins to cover themselves in another to increase reserves. Similarly, their utility tokens will traverse individual tokens, and a token sponsored by genuine firms will live long. Whatever choice we choose, we must exercise due diligence and trust in them.
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