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I welcome you dear investors. Everything is in your hands and profit will not keep you waiting if you look closely at the projects. And so today I want to offer you a promising project.Era Swap Technologies creates a token that allows users to mark their time through smart contracts based on community-based exchange. The uniqueness of their ecosystem offers users the opportunity to tokenize time as their own service. Token EST allows to introduce specialized reward system. The token is designed to indicate "time to work" through smart contracts that can never be canceled.

Era Swap is an ecosystem that brings together many interconnected platforms such as time trading, free education, investment plans that make it self-sufficient, and this whole ecosystem is based on blockchain. The ecosystem of the Era Swap project is carefully designed in various aspects of the ecosystem, such as increasing demand, reducing volatility, increasing the use of cryptocurrencies.


Era Swap ecosystem is designed to provide a solution that makes the market independent, satisfying the development of modern society, providing value to your free time. Some projects focus on only one product. but they ignore the whole ecosystem, which is very important for the progress of the platform. The Era Swap platform is highly prepared to address various aspects of the ecosystem and minimize transaction costs.

To develop a better platform and offer advanced solutions for users, developers have created a wallet with multi-factor authentication along with biometric authentication to provide complete security. Private keys are stored only by token holders or the user. This wallet from Era Swap supports several digital currencies such as ETH, BTC and ERC-20 tokens. This is how Era Swap will help users or token holders save on the transaction fees they will incur when they move their assets to and from exchanges. The Era swap wallet has a user interface with all features such as token spending schedules and more.

The number of tokens increases by 100 percent each year. The dimensions of the tokens are distributed among all or any stakeholders in the system in accordance with their contribution.
About ICO and token:

Token: EST
Price on ICO: 1 EST = 0.00005804 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Hard Cap: 21197.98724 ETH
Private Sale period: 20th July 2018 to 31st August 2018
Technology: initially ethereum (ETH) & will move to iOS

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