Good evening, my dear friends. Today I have prepared a unique project for you. And so the football championship is approaching, and we all like children are looking forward to this event. his free time playing football.Oh, what a pleasant experience. But the world does not stand still and today we have this unique opportunity. And as you may have guessed, today's review is devoted to a unique football platform.So won't you simmer, the name of the project Ethercup .

Let's take a closer look at what opportunities we open this platform. And so we have a unique opportunity in the run-up to this great event, as the world Cup, to buy their own virtual football national team to participate in the world Cup 2018.In total, 32 national teams are available to choose from.And the faster you participate in the project, the more profitable it will be for you, as there is an opportunity to buy at the starting price.And now just imagine what excitement will arise around the project, as all available to buy 32 teams, and how many in the world there are football fans, millions, tens of millions.And given that the project is unique, you can expect high hype. The main goal of the project is to win the world championship, and if you win the championship you will be able to unlock all the players of the team and get the team of your dreams.As initially available the opportunity to unlock 3 players. if you are among the first. Next, you will need to follow the real world Cup, and with each victory of your team you will have the opportunity to unlock one player.And if your team wins the real world championship, you get the opportunity to unlock your entire team and become a full-fledged owner, if your team took 2nd place, you get half the team. and for the place-seven players unlocked.

Collect achievements and get rewarded for it .And if you buy the team at the very beginning of the project, you will get over the offer, aimenno, even after the sale of your team, at your disposal is one random
Let's look at the project from the economic point of view and the investment potential of the project. And as soon as you become the owner of the team, you will receive private offers from others who want to buy the team. And exactly 24 hours after the purchase, your team will appear on the market at a price of + 20% , and you will have the opportunity to either sell it, or to revive the next 24 hours and get another +20%. Yes, I think the project will make a lot of noise, given the profitable referral program in which we can quite get 2 ETH. And given that this platform is a kind of football Manager on a platform with blockchain technology. And you can be sure that the HYIP will not pass after the end of the world Cup.In your hands will be a virtual crypto asset that can bring you high profits.
Road map

I believe that this project is very unique and technological, and I think that it gives a good opportunity to test all the modern features of the blockchain in the sports industry, namely in football. A limited number of teams make the project scarce. For example, bitcoin, with a limited issue, its price increased from a few cents to$ 15,000 (December 2017). About the same thing can happen in the draft, the closer you will approach the championship. the more expensive it will become to your team. And early investment can bring a very good profit. I myself will closely monitor this project. On this I finish my review, all to soon. And victories your team. More detailed information and to take part in the project you can :

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