Greetings to you my dear readers. I want to introduce you to a very interesting project today. And so, welcome. The development of the Internet has opened up new opportunities for remote communication with people. For this was invented e-mail. But since the Internet has become more embedded in the masses, there is a need to create instant messaging services. So there were the first social networks. At first it was ICQ, later there were Facebook and Vkontakte. There, unlike ICQ, you could upload your photos and videos, as well as listen to music. But in today's social networks is very difficult to earn. Now this is done through the creation and promotion of their communities. For those who create their own content, this opportunity is generally bypassed.
I want to introduce you to a Blockchain-based social network. It is called FORESTING. It is designed specifically for creative people,because laying out your content, your work, you will receive a reward for it. The social network FORESTING will be divided into three components: a public media platform, banking services (Internet banking) and a laboratory for creating its content.

The media platform will provide General access to content for those who wish, while ensuring a fair distribution of wages. It will depend on the popularity of your community and the quality of the content.

FORESTING Internet Bank is a digital decentralized Bank for developers of its content. The users themselves will ensure the work of the Bank. It is intended for making any financial transactions using the internal pton token, for example transfers, purchases/sales, etc. Also, the Network will launch its own currency exchange, where you can buy or sell pton tokens. Also, the purchase of tokens will be possible on third-party exchanges, where the trading of these tokens will be launched.
The pton token itself is built on the Ethereum Protocol ERC20. A total of 40 billion tokens will be issued, 40% of which will be sold through sale on ICO. In the course of the ICO to buy tokens will be available only through the official website.
The FORESTING network will launch its own laboratory FORESTING, where you can create your content, and the presence of special tools on it makes the development faster, easier and more convenient. As a result, this is a great opportunity to increase your income by reducing the time to create your work. And paying a small fee, the Network will display advertising Of your content. To do this, it will operate a special advertising module.
For each type of device will be created that will allow you to work and to be in touch anywhere.
Separation of functional interests and support of any kind of content in the social network FOREST will allow you to create your content depending on your hobby. The network will provide a privacy system that will ensure the safety of your creativity from unwanted eyes.
The history of the development of the project is young, but the team has already made a presentation in tel Aviv and new York. An open forum was also held among the world's blockchain experts and world-class professionals. This fall, a beta version of the social network will be launched, and in 2019, a version for Android will be created, and a web version for wide use will be opened.
In conclusion, I can say that this is not the first such experience of creating a social network on the Blockchain. The main purpose of building social networks on the Blockchain is to give people the opportunity to earn. Yes, having your promoted channel on Youtube or a group of Vkontakte, you will provide yourself with a small profit, but unfortunately not everyone succeeds. FORESTING will help you to earn even with a small audience, but at the same time created an incentive to promote your channel in the form of increased payments, thus we do not offend anyone.

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