Dear subscribers, I offer your attention a very unique project. And what exactly is the uniqueness and details of the ICo I will tell you later.
Recently, the concept of equality has been widely discussed. Regardless, it provides for the gap in pay by gender or even racial gap, to date, it should be clear that not all are treated with the same respect, pay, or receive the same opportunities. With different preferences for groups, it's no surprise that the community as a whole doesn't exist anymore, with just a few clicks. Will this injustice ever end? Perhaps GeoManna took the first step on the road to equality in the digital environment.

What is the purpose of GeoManna?
GeoManna is a decentralized ecosystem that focuses on selected temporary interactions (also called P2P). It is also a system that creates a platform that promotes equality for everyone, whether one person or business, regardless of social, economic and cultural background. Simply put, GeoManna claims to reunite consumers as a whole community, not individual groups.
Some of the challenges that have been focused on the goals of this project include high interest rates, low speed fees and poor consumer relations. As more and more businesses are leaning toward e-Commerce, a platform like GeoManna could potentially help them grow sustainable relationships by giving participants equal access to what is.

How consumers can benefit from the use of GeoManna?
GeoManna bonuses are provided to encourage user activity and confirm transactions between members. Some of the features of the announced bonuses include instant money transfer, increased security, no commissions for those who use GeoManna as a platform and global access to trading sites for goods and services.

According to the stated requirements, anyone can participate in the GeoManna community as ensuring the overall benefit equally from social interaction is a key consideration. A commendable feature of GeoManna is the fact that those who do not wish To spend geomanna bonuses can do so by redirecting them to charities.

What can you say about GeoManna market?
The GeoManna token, called GM for simplicity, is a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain so trading, transferring or even buying a GM requires a wallet that supports ERC20 standards. The main reason Why blockchain technology integration seemed appropriate on their part is to ensure that everyone gets in touch and has access to transparent, open and reliable sources and businesses. This is definitely a concern in online shoppers as many have been scammed at some point in life.

As GeoManna start your ICO?
Based on existing news, the GeoManna ICO will last one month starting may 1, 2018. Copying will be carried out in two stages: pre-sale and main sales. Of all the soft caps that have existed in the past, GeoManna believes it won't take long to get the project off site since their soft cap is set at 500 ETH. Getting GeoManna in the period of the ICO is perfect because each coin costs about 0.10 USD, whereas in the end of the base sales cost can be about 0.50 U.S. dollars.

Detailed information about ICO GeoManna
Token symbol: GM
Token starts on may 1, 2018.
The end of the auction Token 1 June 2018
Token Price: $ 0.10 1GM
Standard token: ERC 20

Overall, GeoManna supports an important social problem, which receives daily news platform. In addition, no other crypto asset focuses on such a problem, allowing GeoManna to gain a competitive advantage. Moreover, if the project continues, the idea of a decentralized blockade in the digital world, for example, in e-Commerce, can not only stabilize the economy, but also provide support for healthy relations.

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