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Welcome, my dear readers. Today our Swami will talk about such direction as the settlement currency and its independence. Agree, today, there is not one currency that is not controlled by the state and the situation in the world. That is why it is difficult to keep savings in these currencies, as they are not very stable and can both make a profit and collapse due to various news. So, in the modern world there is already a direction that goes away from centralization and control, but unfortunately, today, too, do not realize the storage of funds. For example, bitcoin has a very large spread in the market. And it is because of these jumps is not particularly convenient to use this currency for the calculation in real life for purchases and various services. We need a currency that could implement this, because the world needs to move to a new level as a whole. And so, meet the project, which will be able to solve this problem. A project called Golden Currency. And by tradition, I will tell you about this project.
Golden Currency-this project inherently implements the currency, which just did not will depend on any negative news and someone controlled. This project implements a currency that will be tied to real gold and at the same time will have more stability than other crypto currencies. In the same way, this project is implemented binding to the blockchain network, which allows you to make the scope of all possible transactions as safe and transparent as possible, in relation to existing ones.

The most important feature that distinguishes this project from any existing competitors is that you can exchange this currency directly for gold! Due to this, the stability and reliability of this currency is realized. As this currency is created, such aspects as the Bank will be implemented. In fact, it will store the entire gold reserve of the project, as well as Bank terminals, cards and so on, that is, in fact, a complete banking infrastructure. The goal of the project is to implement such conditions for users, in which they will choose the currency tied to gold, to invest their funds. After all, this currency, let me remind you, is not controlled by anyone and is tied to gold.

This currency will be implemented both in the form of cash and in the form of electronic money, to which we are all so accustomed. This currency will be on your Bank cards.
Cash will be printed at special enterprises that are engaged in printing money. At the same time, the degree of protection against counterfeiting will be maximum, as will be applied all possible degrees of protection in the form of watermarks and various holographic security elements. The denominations are not yet known. But one thing is known that they will be most convenient to use in real life.
That swings non-cash payment, then here, too, everything is fine. You will be able to create your Bank accounts, make transfers and payments with these cards and this currency and not only! In addition, you can also use the Fiat currency of different countries, which will be more convenient for you. That is, in fact, the usual banking system, but with the use of an independent currency.

Communication of crypto currency and real life will be very convenient! Imagine, you can freely pay in this currency, your account will be debited from the crypto currency, and the payment will go for a Fiat currency. This will be available at the expense of the exchange, which will be implemented as this project. It will be officially registered and meth the right to work. Just what is not important, you will be able to buy and sell crypto currency on this exchange.
The main features of this project:
First of all, it is the dependence of this currency on gold, which provides serious stability, and most importantly the reliability of investment.

Secondly, it is security, due to the blockchain, you can not worry about the security of your finances, while you will be confident in the maximum accuracy and transparency of transactions.

The third feature is the independence of this currency from anyone! That is, no one will be able to control and manipulate its course.

The fourth feature is the implementation of the banking structure, which will enable users to use this currency in everyday life.
Now a few words about the ICO of this project:
The token will be called: PGCT.
The sale will be held from 16 April 2018, 16 July 2018.
The price per unit of the PGCT token is: 1 PGCT = $1.
In total, 7 600 000 PGCT tokens will be issued.
Maximum sales target: $ 5 000 000.

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