I welcome you dear investors. Everything is in your hands and profit will not keep you waiting if you look closely at the projects. And so today I want to offer you a promising project.The Krios platform focuses primarily on engaging influential social media participants, consultants, advertising managers, content creators, graphic designers, copywriters, create cost-effective advertising campaigns that increase brand awareness, increase organic business growth, and stimulate brand loyalty.

The goal of Krios is to create a powerful and cost-effective all-in-one solution that meets diverse marketing needs while maintaining clarity and ease of use. Krios is breaking the monopoly of the existing multi-billion dollar industry by taking responsibility for ensuring that advertising campaigns are more effective.
Advantages Of Krios
Project developers see their project as competitive from the very start and set themselves the following tasks:
security, privacy and decentralization;
wide range of payment methods;
smart contracts as a guarantee of fulfillment of their obligations by all stakeholders;
ability to create a full-fledged specialized marketing team;
integration of advertising campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin on one platform.
The Krios platform is the future of digital marketing, where businesses of any size can assemble a full-scale market team specific to their project and then manage and coordinate the campaign, all for a fraction of the usual present value. All transactions are made on the Krios platform through the blockchain, with a single rate of 3%.

The token project
All this is possible thanks to KriosCoin tokens ("KRI"), which provide users with access to the Krios eco-system and provide a secure and transparent way to confirm and conduct transactions on the platform. KRI is the STANDARD erc20 token in the Ethereum blockchain that can be used as a unit of accounting between advertisers, publishers, content creators, and businesses on the new blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform.
KRI also serves to reward members on the network by distributing the percentage of KriosCoins collected from payments in proportion to the number of users. In cases where a transaction is made, the blockchain can record the transfer time, the recipient and sending wallet addresses, the amount sent, and other important information necessary to maintain trust and security. This will also be a stimulus for the development of the project, as professionals who earn KRI, the company buys KRI for making transmissions, and the owners of KRI on the platform, Nest, will be able to earn free of charge KRI, increasing ROI for all participants and encouraging participation,

Thanks to these stimulating properties, elimination of inefficiency and impartial manner of doing business on the Krios platform, the ultimate goal of the project is to increase the efficiency and profitability of investments in the digital advertising industry for all participants.

I think this project really deserves attention. If the team does everything it has in mind, then users in the form of firms and corporations will have a real chance to get a good service to manage their marketing decisions, which is very, very cool.

More information about the project can be found on the links below:
Official page:


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