Welcome my dear friends. today I will tell you about a very promising project.
Lux Ant Digital is a business continuity plan to fully analyze and Information and Communication, Service, or support operations such as crisis communication, including early in development.

Payment solutions the payment of

Lux Bank Digital Ant platform to e-banking as providing customers, suppliers, family etc and the can. Log-in to a deal until the end of the purchase, sale, transfer and / or the digital asset transfer experience control Digital Digital LUX the customer's operational experience in the integrated customer typically identify the web site and trading credentials used to be able to use.

In all these cases we have the traditional Bank from the low cost of transaction fees.

The deal from the 3rd party of the workers. Ant Lux digital

Intermediaries does not exist when the contract applied to the service costs. Other services and similarly pre-qualified microfinance post

Smart Contract using a request with a single click of customers. This is a convenient and cost can be easily repaid as required, each loan costs.

The funds management application (the user's biometric information with 3rd party APIS to collect module use) Lux Ant Digital products and services network to advance one step and. To use the APP to all registered users, using all types of actions can be performed. Identify problems that users Protocol inspection you can log in using. APP Alux Bank, through your remittances, savings, list, receipt, or other payment, and as such can negotiate.

Buy online and micro loan requests and other same APP in Alux Bank's customer, the user only can access the social networking portal to find the best possible. The previously mentioned Portal, in a publication should write to all users to allow.

We create a profile of yourself to create opportunities in

Interact with other people. However, on social networks, interference does not want to use the case as a profile can also be created.

Payment cards are completely safe.

Innovative card payment as the payment method than the simple card design. This task is a Bank account connected directly to the simple QR code by using the chip and / or PIN without the need to work. Efficiency is an Alux Bank register and the Central Bank's IT related to the future, as well as a small amount of payments or outstanding transactions on the cash of cash extraction, allowing simple exercise is removed from the account making it easy to GO without a card is based on QR code sent to lost or stolen of if the online platform to enter and stolen or lost cards are cancelled is as simple as.

The company's Alux Bank card co-worker through APP requests, as well as all sales to the public.

The minimum Commission fee, there is a remittance service

The mediator is not up to speed.

Wire transfer is the way many people Bank account because it does not have the above mentioned services to use because it can be used on a daily basis. Money transfer services who uses it?

• Quickly and securely transfer money, or be that person.

• Relatives or friends to helping people.

• Emergency situation for tourists.

• Work for money to quickly send or receive business.

• Cash as a gift to send people who want to.

The traditional way is the money received when the identification is required.

International previous limits and cash extraction given the limitations of the cash should be extracted. Through this process, the amount you receive, waiting for people traffic with lack of transfer money should be available.

An Alux in the Bank, we are in the world, a person without a maximum speed and the minimum fees and working together to do a smart contract running quickly and easily, without intermediaries will make a change to our platform penting.Metode auto conversion in your own geographical location does not receive money to provide the possibility of height do.


World physical ATM

Lux Ant Digital is the world ATM cashier network to implement.

Cashier's functions are as follows.

• Call for encryption or bit Kindle as of cryptocurrency conversion

Request a lawyer.

• Previous service and reverse service to perform

Ethereum or Bitcoin is the currency conversion

• Offering cash APP Alux Bank in FIAT to get.

• Previous service and reverse service if you want to run

FIAT conversions and instant cash.

• Calculate support using the Alux Bank card recharge.

(Tobacconists, newsagents, shopping centers such as a) our brand and business network of the main .Gagasan the Bank network Alux growth of the cause of that co-worker is mereka.Visi card and the charge for the issuance of professional will and a contract with a company to promote the use of it is how the shopping center, chain stores, street, every country, bookstores, gas stations, cabin, etc. focus on This is more close to the user is.

The micro-secured loans

Digital Lux Antwerp (Digital Lux Ant) platform to electronic banking if you

Sales transaksi.Lux digital ants for use by clients and in the habit of their credentials can be used until the end of the session from the start of the money and / or digital assets, such as customers, suppliers, relatives and the relationship can begin, and the experience of purchasing and control on the web transactions to identify and follow. This is about everything we work on for a minimal charge you will. Lux digital ants, we are a middle more this way as we are smart Kontrak.Ini using eat just one click it on every request the client for a feasibility study for a micro-loan release design for service of the costs that smart contracts implementation that will benefit you for cheap rates and allow the comfort and convenience guarantee.

Facilities costs.

How to use it

Biometric pass the levels and Alux Bank is uploaded to the platform / integrated user / client. Portal want to participate in a user who is not at that particular moment profile private or public, can decide. As mentioned before, items, users of all other publications. A new business or for expanding a new venture of companies launch, individual or company, such as from the micro-loan requests, etc. Publications new investment and micro loan requests and will be relevant. Each user's profile, depending on the requirement type or requirements,


In contrast, the profile is asking for help and collaboration that will be interested in. This is a request to include. This is a different user to continue the loan, or part of the published project to invest in so that you can capital want to give the one way. Intelligent contract Alux Bank platform.

Loan profile the broker is not the plaintiff and direct the request to continue to receive will be, and clever contract of quick response thanks to high administration costs and process improvement. Request the end of the manuscript

The specified evidence and agreement shown in the loan repayment

His interest and.

Financial organizations and the cooperation of the

Lux & digital (Lux Ant Digital)financial institutions to cooperate with the project for some of the connections by public officials to integrate city has to offer. The Central Bank in cooperation with and additional digital coins to support our approach to financial, economic and social integration the main goal will be, and we are on a much larger scale of Microeconomics support and at the same time we can improve that obviously we mentioned above, financial institutions will be able to provide,and

Digital coin is consolidated or to be issued systems and infrastructure, customers in a variety of ways the call can interact with products. Finally the company platform of the Central Bank in collecting the Information Event mentioned in the system administration and management to provide the information you need really is effective.

Formal financial services are not available the world's population of 3 minutes of 1 or more. The majority of sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, East Asia and Pacific region in developing countries. Inadequate financial infrastructure, financial service costs and the Bank branch distance, identity verification, low income and literacy rate , and Frequent civil war and the war even in these countries the main city branch of the low level of presence that contribute to all the elements. The banking system is not able to solve the problem is a big opportunity. Population of population the highest percentage the country

Economic growth is the fastest.

The African middle class of cases over the last 30 years increased by 3 times and currently 3 billion people. African countries of goods and services a common source of is that in 2008 approximately 8,600 billion dollars increased, and by 2020 will amount to 1.4 trillion dollar increase is expected. This is all the relevant part for the tremendous opportunity. ( we have international access to capital is allowed, for example, Africa is currently faster than it can grow.

In the same way, the continent out of the company until now, foreign products and financial services in the real exposure is not a lot of people and businesses qualified to do. Many people international also isolated from help by the international community as well as these people provides many opportunities.

This growth, although fast, but the formal access to Finance due to lack continue to suffer.

Start your own business, or for example want to start saving people

Money, credit or savings account you can't get. Industrial Bank if there is no money transfer that can prevent and, in many cases, both associates of the real presence is required. Also the cryptocurrency itself promises a variety of projects. cryptocurrency itself is useful, but the price volatility is large.

Ethereum's Smart Contract network that the value of a simple transfer. They are very low cost places, transport can be. Banks don't have to identify as the Bank's infrastructure needs. The continent and throughout the world transfer money to access the Internet you need a smartphone to.

cryptocurrency, they a variety of projects.

On top of them. One product is still economy out of the control of people who are able to access, so cryptocurrency is useful, but they are like Bank account without the customer's harga.Memahami problem of high volatility and as such has some drawbacks, developers have this feature describes the growing.

Simple face recognition and / or speech recognition system is the identification document for those who have no certification. Also already generated igaliter token extraction system using a low-income country with a friendly merger.

For developing countries our goal

• To reduce poverty.

• Distance and on economic growth, job offer..

Savings and loans ability to increase.

• Innovation and infrastructure : electronic banking is a new financial service to creation.

Business and product.

• Class inequality is minimal.

• Financial electronic products to genre equivalence established

For women the activities of their funds and business control.

• Direct access through education to improve the quality of and

Ability to pay.

The previous aspects of the improvements will affect.

The sender

• 3rd world country's economic situation is particularly large stress in the social welfare system as a problem due to the high cost made in the European Union (EU)countries face immigration.

• Vision source,this today people who use, trade and markets with a large number of business delas almost all offshore financial products and services exposed to if not for yourself, more doors will be the continent of the company to the temptation.

Alux Bank is welfare or charity, but provides an ideal solution.

This is for people to change their lives they / the build configuration may help the new digital economy and participate in economic high ground to get in, it's a niche market all of them already in development for the country to open the door.

Lux Ant Digital revenue for the two to devise a strategy to


The active model :

• Token personal development.

• Self-trade robot.

Personalized software ATM manufacturing.

• The most authentic and transparent forms of digital assets archiving.

• Digital asset consulting and Advisory.

• Services are digital asset (exchange)processing.

The company may be interested in external parties for private education and training (Cryptocurrency Course, the Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Digital Asset Trading).

Fake models :

We aim to have bid 10 million tokens an Alux made the development, officially, our aim is also to achieve the company to be able to provide liquidity to the. By the same token, a token sales dikutip.Pembeli token, the company partners with quality it partners, and dividends, especially as a collection in their own right and have the web, it must be justified some exchange rates, pre-sale period after the negotiation. company, headquarters to operate under state law KYC and AML compliance of all legal requirements that meet the certification

We are on our own, we, The current generation is born, enter a new era all kinds of teknologi.Karena through the learned new skills to manage to know how the whole world but can I say, that we use to promote yourself can be important to the new financial system, and can, we make mistakes continuously current financial system development serius.Untuk because it we have 124 seats to make believe, and we have traditional Bank in the system and be able to defend themselves will understand that it is to take measures to electric cars. Some things don't work and due to many problems can occur. Therefore, we have a new technology and at the same time to evolve.

Up to date Digital Lux Ant (in the first round has been completed) :

• Legal Constitution of the founding.

• External management and collaboration.

• The user / client has access to the web company.

• Token development and activation is generated.

• Web of tokens to buy modules.

• Token sales to activate.

• Bot de Trading + IA development.

• Service management of digital assets processing.

• Digital asset Deposit service.

• Consulting services and digital assets.

• Order pending ATM manufacturing.

• Early Bounty Program.

"We are currently establishing the company from the initial customer portfolio, and all of the services that the community / customers. "

Regulations EDE Constitution : the digital Lux ant the main task of eventually EDE, have the necessary jurisdiction to license and permit all of the types of processes needed to manage capital aims to find the project as defined. The middle area in the Bank or Fintech non-Electronic Money Entities have not only the financial institutions with the ability to operate. This is today activity of the essential approvals along with Bank transfer of a variety of ways. This is the EDE,

The location of the competition additional, the moment, and FINTECH is a not have permission. Service "Code and the Financial Regulations".

E-financial platform development :

We have two companies for all electronic Finance Services want to provide.

Private, Autonomous company and daily management of the record for the best comfort and speed because it provides a more intensive and dynamic and professional use. The banking system in the electronic device in the most common task is file or management log book of the transmission and the delivery and receipt of account in this work, such as consulting.

E-banking is a valuable series of benefits will be provided,and

Our traditional banking does not provide for the operation of the low-cost fee will be added, and trading in the third as a cooperative will participate. Digital Lux Ant in our intermediary that does not exist smart to fulfill the contract by service costs.

Payment solution post :

Other presentations and likewise we have intelligent agreement to use the customer request customer's eligibility for advance research through the editorial and General of all small loans to designed. This is a hotel with the convenience of quotes to ensure the functionality of the requested loan to reduce the cost of occurs.

These errors, and a business philosophy based on the best expert as well as the best partners and of course the best customer with the aim of attracting the following improvement elements have been proposed.

• Talent recruitment and retention : Autonomous system, and every year goals for the company according to the goals each staff member of the Commission on a variety of maintenance, software development and related profiles for recruitment, etc.

• 360º communication : Lux Ant Digital professionals in the relevant area with extensive experience as an expert in operational decisions appropriately shared, discussed and need to be adjusted.

Specialization : the target market is software development and digital financial management for high professionalism because Lux Ant Digital should know,but

Most of the IT companies, This is absolutely true.

• External corporate image :this philosophy with new technology and computer advances, the usefulness of the division when leading a key success factor of this contrast.

Lux Ant Digital, design drawings print for

Once again, more and more companies image in the market through for modernity and differentiation.

We are an innovative phone has to offer. Reinvesting profits is an innovative product catalog for developing priority goals, and the possible investment with bills, so that.

Continuous assessment

• The company's core and it has no commercial possibilities trying to get the whole team's attention to intensive development.

• International competence partner and strengthen your relationship.

• Technology companies that print one image of seriousness to ignore buyers without attracting focus on brand image and brand positioning improves (firms of the finalists of the marketing, advertising and Communications Manager).

• The system of financial evolution and digital assets for the regulation of aggressive competition Director.

• Technical novelty and lack of consideration adopted a more experienced staff trained for the latest courses or recent graduates of your recruitment activities to promote the.

• Treasurer for the special interest and important to monitor. To increase external funding in terms of investor contributions for a financial Manager to evaluate the possibility of.
Backup plan

We in this way, Business Continuity Management perform to the company's capacity and maintenance treatment. Information System Security Management form an important part of, planned and has been proven, and now that evolution is used as a security as it is more commonly known. We have business continuity talk about when we are "bad"survival skills mentioned. It is the company may be negatively affected.

Regulations and obligations

EDE call Fintech IT security, Money Laundering and risky operations to comply with the rules than robust technology platform. And on the other hand, they are the necessary activities of approval, along with the various mobile banking models currently, any Agency of any earnings and even if you have financial can be operated with. KYC & AML KYC & AML information to corporate human Digital Lux Ant the KYC rules for all the required and essential requirements to meet the promise, and the suspicious activity as money of fraud used to detect AML. We KYC with money laundering, terrorism, corruption and the same crimes on the people involved and of the commercial siding to avoid new customers and previous customers to donate funds and be told from new customers and previous customers to grasp the supervision and control understand the process. The government, drug-related crime .KYC is a global financial institution of legal commands in response.

On the one hand, foreign customers for ID, passport, NIE and NIF, presented by the customer's official identification must be done. And on the other hand, they are the main identity to participate in the obligation. That is, the account opening behind the company who at any time know should be able. New customers, they required for all of these requirements are outdated and, therefore, sometimes entities client information to other people you can ask. A customer at the Bank needs to submit documents denied if the service provided is interrupted, and the Google Privacy Policy and Google Translate the community terms of use depending on the Bank account can be closed.


Lux ant digital S. L. Ethereum network provided by the smart contract is a digital token. That token is the name "Alux Digital"and quotes the 'ALUX'. The token is Ethereum standards developers, certification and inspection. The token is in the little beauty bag like management and the company, the quality of the partner and to recognize they are any moves or terdaftar.Pembeli trading token means virtual coins, work that he to exercise their rights be able to be certain of

Dividends paid to the company on the web must be justified. All existing legal requirements for demonstrating compliance with the KYC y AML seat driving the country's current law.

He office depending on the requirements of online, a special web page in token of the contribution may request a token so that the members as well as the third member, using the free and token to complete the capital of the lainnya.Dengan of and previous communication no need for., the shareholders grant administrator privileges to Forex trading through the offer price to be enumerated. An administrator is required if you feel a token price as sudden or sudden movements to avoid Market Maker (market Creator)from service to employment to be approved.

Ownership and interests

ALUX Token of manufacturing in Lux Ant Digital in provide liquidity to the aims and goals can be done. In this way, the seller Alux token company is a quality partner for him to recognize, and some bursa.Pembeli token, the pre-sale after a period of time can be negotiated, and the company's corporate web must be justified in their own right, particularly special dividend to be able to exercise .

A company owned by the state of all existing legal requirements compliance.

• Project Description : EDE development

• ALUX description : Lux Ant Digital in made as a token.

The final project to create.

• Symbol tickets : ALUX

Token history : Ethereum's Blockchain in Token ERC-20

• Token ALUX of the total number : 1 Billon token

• Sales is not a token deal : burn quality will be.

• Token ALUX of sale received by Cryptocurrency : Ethereum & Bitcoin

Our perspective and the rest of the cryptographic community in the financial Heritage management in the field of innovation, lack of the fact that we immerse yourself in the past. We give opportunity to the new digital era of the leader of the part is too large and never successfully advertising to change the technology modernization semua.Akses for a very useful start

Customers of digital acquisition through cost savings and market share significantly high by the Bank itself

Lux digital ants economies of scale, third-party fees of Removal will focus on the EDE (electronic money institutions)project and the savings and loans and other basic financial services to provide. To achieve this goal, Lux & digital (Lux Ant Digital)is trust money and operate a 3rd party Committee that does not need international trade to promote the main jurisdiction in the Bank, license and / or partnership added as a requirement. Also private customers (saving)good for the service innovation will provide the business (cash flow)for the digital ants .Lux we are the service to maintain the present network of retailers established for the reason that of the developing countries as a payment method cash forget. Agent network and gas stations, tobacco sales, etc each of them is these actions and services in order to facilitate the Lux Ant Digital for account. Also, directly from the company that issued the payment card and this card is worldwide available in most of the ATM withdrawal and Deposit options for.

Deposit and loan problems, the ability of any basis of understanding.

However, the Bank system especially in the capital of the compliance requirements due to the sector on the approach that it is very difficult to know. This Lux Ant Digital this License and collaboration in the acquisition prior to analysis has been a successful goal to have a reason.In this case, the initial capital limit on the amount of operating without prediction how can you perform.

Therefore, Lux Ant Digital is economies of scale in the existing market and competitive and that is enough capital on the market as the approach is very important. Today, all investors a.

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