Welcome my dear readers. How diverse our world is developing rapidly.Technology has stepped forward, and the previously unknown blockchain becomes an ordinary thing for us. Today, having gathered and analyzed a number of sites, I have prepared for you the next reviews. You read, read, and take La solution. Henna today is my review of a young but fast-growing project and it's a project called MFTU has a goal to protect the development of music in the future, due to the growth of piracy as well as the various multiplication of the rule of law, making more sad the fate of people who work in the field of music. This project provides a permanent solution to gaps that threaten the future of the music industry.
In its development, the way is very traditional, because, in addition to attracting third parties, all royalties are not transferred to the artist or musician. In addition, many obstacles, such as laws that regulate.
Thus, the project MFTU creates a model of payment for online payments, which uses the technology of the blockchain, which is decentralized on the ethereum network. To smooth the project, the MFTU is supported by a double token named "CYFM" (CyberFM) and "MFTU" as a token instead of the MFTU itself.
Why Is The Blockchain?
The block chain is a perfect choice for project MFTU, because due to the decentralized accounting functions it is reliable in the distribution of royalties for the smoothness of the ecosystems that MFTU wants to build, besides, Blockchain has been tested for safety, efficiency and transparency, since it was first presented in 2008.
MFTU Token

We have created an online version of open source royalty with information reviewed by colleagues around the world through a distributed Ledger system. Equivalent to a double token, called token "MFTU" "Mainstream For the Underground". "
in this project, CYFM tokens and MFTU plans will be used as a universal payment instrument adopted by the international, and will be closely monitored. However, this token does not have the role of profit and success of Cyber FM, nor is this token sold on the CyberFM website or, in other words, there are no initial coin offerings (ICO).
The mftu token is a truly digital, fair, and cryptographic organization of criteria evaluation for independent artists. Protect your rights and payments around the world!
The Smart token MFTU implements the ERC-20 standard using OpenZeppelin libraries, which have been tested and thoroughly analyzed by professional experts of Quantstamp.
The progress of the project
I took the progress or progress report of this project directly from the official site here: and here's the description I'll summarize in my article:
Business plan.
The company is 10 years old and stands alone. In addition, the company also has large investors and consistent returns each year.
User base
If you're not a fan yet, you should visit CyberFM soon! Then download the app.
Customer base
One of the reasons for this project: CyberFM is becoming so crowded with artists.
Mobile application
available in Google Play Store and, of course, in the Apple App Store.
Special wallet (wallet)
Register our wallet in Hexel. You get the extra benefit of being able to spend on tokens there too.
Merchant Online
Token CYFM and MFTU can already be sold on multiple Exchange, here is the list of Exchange to dual token:

For more information you can visit:
Web site:

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