Greetings to you my dear reader. I can't end the day without writing you a new review. And so we meet the project.Changing the network is a platform that allows you to create your own projects based on blockchain for mobile platforms.

TENOM is a proper name token in the ecosystem Monet. Ad hoc projects and Monet hub users pay SHADOW token validators. On the other hand, validators should bet on SHADOW tokens, which will preserve the economic integrity of the project. Delegates can support validators, for this they will receive a reward. And increases the use of the platform, so the market capitalization of the SHADOW token at different times will remain at an acceptable level.
Monet Network has a master blockchain called Monet hubs. This hub is a smart contract platform and uses a share proof consensus mechanism. It provides infrastructure services for applications on the network. Nodes start an instance of the Ethereum virtual machine. Monet provides a SDK (open source software development kit) that allows external developers to add blockchain consensus to their applications.

The platform uses peer-to-peer peer peer networks. Such ad hoc mobile networks are formed by small local groups participating in common activities. They may cease to exist upon completion of the activity. Services can be exchanged among peers such as ride sharing, hosting or games.

Monet uses the babble software, which is a modular, open-source, Byzantine fault-tolerant blockchain developed by mosaic networks. Team talk and Mona are identical.

The power and possibility of
Like blockchain for any solution, Monet will provide better privacy and data protection for users compared to centralized architectures. Another advantage is that Monet will charge users less for the exchange of services compared to centralized platforms, such as uber or Airbnb V.

Blockchain technology, if implemented correctly, is a better and more cost-effective tool to address market needs compared to centralized markets. If the facility presented by Monet works as planned, the TENOM token can be a very powerful mechanism for reconciling the economic interests of various actors in the local market.

The main team of Monet consists of three people. However, the main responsibility lies with the advisers who are still in some way the developers of the platform (due to the fact that their decision is closely related to the work of the platform).

Martin Arrivec is the CEO and co-founder of Mosaic networks. He has five years of software development experience and holds a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Chicago.

Giacomo Puri purini is the CFO and co-founder of Mosaic networks. He holds a master's degree in mathematics from Columbia University.

Kevin Jones is a software developer in mosaic networks with eight years of software development experience.

Among councillors Monet-mark Stuart dey, a researcher and author of the blockchain with multiple patents, Mauro Martini, a Professor in Boston, Ronan Lynch, an early pioneer of the blockchain, and Abdi Hersi, who has experience of asset management and private capital.

The project is an interesting concept, especially with a focus on mobile on-demand markets. However, the development of the project and the formation of the team may not yet be at such an advanced level that it is very likely to make a successful implementation and subsequent prosperous start of the market. Investors should closely monitor the development of the platform. Another positive indicator would be the attraction of additional funds by the venture company, which is conducting a thorough check.
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