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I welcome you my dear friends.Today I want to tell you about a very promising project. MoonX Family is the world's first "real" encryption exchange program. The only decentralized property of the Exchange belongs exclusively to the brothers and sisters of MoonX. MoonX investors, collaborators, angels and traders on this platform will be rewarded with Moon Money and they will automatically become the elder brother or sister of the MoonX family.

We are building a precious family
MoonX Family is the Foundation of the future for the decrypted asset and co-ownership of the MoonX Family company.

Although current solutions offer a solution to the problem at the same time, the MoonX family continues to develop a product based on a very safe, useful and easy-to-use blockchain. It will include easy integration of electronic payments and even a digital arbitration system.

Ultimately, the goal of MoonX Family is to integrate all of the company's businesses, employees and assets into a single blockchain ecosystem, making The company truly efficient, transparent and reliable. trust.

The level of military security
Moon Exchange is the ultimate technique. A group of cryptosystems, stock market experts and leading security and quantitative experts around the world to create the best blockbuster exchange. Their goal is to achieve and surpass current Top Tier technologies and offer the best trading experience for MoonX Family members.

Clean transaction platform for free

Moon Exchange rewards users with real money. The platform charges a Commission fee of 0.1%, which will be returned to the seller in cash. Free ad for ICO!

The MoonX family always listens
A decentralized economy needs to be exchanged for decentralization. The voices of all members of the MoonX family are listened to and have the opportunity to Express their opinions, suggestions and contribute to technology and design.

Any proposal will be voted on by the MoonX family. The most highly appreciated proposals will be implemented. Members of the community are the essence of MoonX and they are the real owners of the MoonX family.

Any transaction using electronic money
Transactions between e-currency and any other e-currency are allowed. The MoonX family does not limit it to 3-4 base pairs as existing centralized platforms.

Example. Users can share NEO directly from the EOS or ADA or the selected currency without the need of converting from BTC / USDT / ETH. This saves time, money and effort in the PRO version, available in December 2018.

Best feature

Family MoonX combines a passion for investment banking, a stock exchange technology specialist, a password and a number of regional allies to turn them into a formidable division.
Fast KYC: KYC the fastest in the region to get you started to work in less than 30 minutes.
Fiat to Crypto: a very liquid book that will help you buy any password with fiat.
Futures and margin: the first in the region to introduce futures trading and margin.
OTC integration: they also integrate an OTC office to provide a high degree of liquidity beyond book orders
Founder-Director - Dr. Nitin Palavalli
The founder of the financial controller is Tony Lee
The founder of the technology - Rahi Racherla
Tech Moon - Anil Kumar
MoonX Messenger - Brian Soans
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