Greetings to you my dear readers.Today I present a new and unique project.Although the market is falling, we can still earn.Neironix is the first independent international rating Agency assessment of investment risks in the blockchain-an economy where the ratings of the projects are assigned automatically based on the results of mathematical scoring, neural networks, and multidimensional analysis of large amounts of data. The platform is designed for analysis and subsequent risk management of investments in projects with a high degree of uncertainty.
Neironix rating methodology is based on the principles of the international risk management standard ISO31000:2018(E) and applies similar approaches in risk assessment for professional investors and institutional funds from the classical economy. On
today, ISO31000:2018(E) is adapted in 88 countries with the highest GDP and is a guide to risk management, including offering options for risk exposure at different stages of its impact:
Get acquainted with the methodology of rating Neironix on this link:
Neironix's mission is to provide financial and analytical information about cryptographic markets worldwide. This type of information is necessary for making informed investment decisions and creating long-term strategies.

Market analysis

High dynamics of investment growth
Digital assets represent a new stage of global economic development. The investment revolution came because the market for investment in technology blockchain is not limited to national borders. The initial range of coins (ICO), which replaced the initial public offering (IPO), is the path to the digital economy.
Insufficient market regulation
Problem is the lack of established rules and mechanisms for attracting financial resources controlled by monetary currency value of these resources is beyond the scope of the market chain. Fiat currency use is controlled by venture and hedge funds that do not participate in crypto investments due to the lack of clear and transparent methods of risk assessment in this area.
Project analysis of the Competitive landscape
Currently, the blockchain market does not provide any information services that can be used for professional evaluation of projects. A the rating agencies operate on the market blockin and cryptoeconomy They use experts that are very subjective. This opinion is also distorted and cannot be used in the category of professional judgment.
Solutions for project Analytical Blockchain rating Agency for Neironix.

Historical record
On the platform there is a reliable database, based on events in the market chain the Platform is also built powerful information pool, which is engaged in cryptocurrency project and financial data concerning a cryptographic market.
Information transparency
The methodology used by the platform is very open to all users and allows them to access the primary database. This creates confidence in the user, since the quality of the rating and the reliability of all project parameters is higher than the fee. This allows investors to make informed decisions about Neironix As End Product
Neironix boasts one of the most progressive products on the world market. Currently, more than $ 1,400,000 is used in the platform's own investments. USA.
The uniqueness of the team
The platform has a team of experienced and competent personnel capable of successfully implementing online projects and functional business models.
Neironix is able to beat other competitors because of its systems and ratings. The platform's self-scientific neural networks and continuous accumulation of databases allow it to compete fairly with others and finally reach the top.
Analysis of data on the Internet
Neironix performs regular and continuous analysis of the data, and then sends it to the stakeholders of the project make an informed decision.
The platform issues its Utility token, NRX, to the Ethereum blockchain platform the Token can be used to purchase advertising and informational content such as premium listing, direct email or remarketing. The product is ready and sale starts in about 10 days from the date of printing.

Details ICO
General information
Token: NRX
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Qty: 140,000,000 NRX
Price: 0.001061571 ETH
Payment: ETH, BTC
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 31,000,000 USD
Qty: 93,100,000 NRX
Beginning: 01.09.2018
Completion: 30.11.2018
The distribution of tokens
66.5 % Sale on the open market
7 % Operating Fund within the project
10% of the Founders and project team
10 % project Partners
3.5 % project Consultants
3 % Bounty campaign
Distribution of funds raised
30% Marketing
40 % Development platform Neironix
5 % Legal support
5% of Hosting servers and equipment
10 % project Management and team
5% Contractors
5% Access to SaaS APIs
Community : 10569 followers
38.9% Twitter (4115 followers)
14.4% of Facebook (1525 followers)
46.6% Telegram (4929 followers)
Alexa: Global Rank 327,778

Founder, CTO the founder of digital-Agency Gold Carrot. Experience in the digital sphere - more than 7 years. There are more than 200 projects in agency portfolio. The creator of a platform for project management The creator of the exchange contacts sample

Founder, CEO

Edward Khudyakov
Co-founder, One of the founders of Neironix. Have 18 years of experience in bank sphere, 12 of which are at the leading positions of federal banks. Great experience in attraction of investments and classic business lending.

Denis Ahmitzhanov

CMO, My experience in digital marketing exceeds 4 years. My major professional competences include project management, team leadership, task setting with a focus on high performance, result of marketing campaigns and maintaining the determined timelines.

Andrey Demianenko
Risk management, I've many abilities in risk and financial consulting, blockchain expenses, project managing. besize it I've successful graduation in risk management and got the certificate "advanced trainer" from g31000. Insurance, regional risk director-manager, certificate at g31000

Sergey Sevantsyan
Pubic International Keynote Speaker & Investment Relations 25+ years experience in ICT, Public International Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, CITO, Social Engineer, Business Adviser, Project Manager for the ICO company in Silicon Valley, Master ICO scorer for Crypto-funds, principal partner of the IBW

Sergey Zinchenko
Blockchain analyst

Specialist on public relations

Project manager

Project manager
Frontend developer

Backend developer

Backend developer

President Finam Supervisory director Racib

CEO, Risk-Academy

Vice President of Acceleration Racib

CEO Bank of the Future

Entrepreneur, Strategist, Advisor ICO, Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast
Road map
Q2 2017 The origin of the project idea
Q3 2017 Formation of the project idea. Analysis of the market, project development prospects, project goals and mission, financial model of the project; development of methodology for determining and managing investment risks in ICO and blockchain projects; Preparation of the first version of the risk tree and scoring matrices.
Q4 2017 Consultations with Fiat qualified and institutional investors; Design of the main product modules and database design; Preparation of the first version of the White page project.
Q1 2018 Legal architecture; Approval of project stages, functionality, resource assessment; development of automated algorithms for ICO project analysis; Integration with the sources of the necessary Analytics; Attraction of the first venture investments in the project; Launch of MVP with ICO listing; Connection of the first exchanges and funds to the project; alpha testing of scoring matrices and rating mechanisms; Identification of risk factors and accumulation of historical data; Continuous monitoring of the identified risk factors, analysis and identification of statistical dependencies.
Q2 2018 Development of marketing strategy; development of Smart contract; Implementation of the legal structure of the project; Development of ICO personal account; Connection of the necessary data sources, aggregation and accumulation; development and implementation of OLTP architecture, interpretation and analysis of the accumulated data.
Q3 2018 Conduct Pre Sale; actualization of the data, check the history; the Aggregation and accumulation of historical data; the Launch of a mobile app on iOS and Android; developing the concept of aggregation of data on financial markets; Development and implementation of OLTP architecture, interpretation and analysis of the accumulated data; the Launch of the module "multi-factor scoring of the ICO project", assign the first rank; Test of logical-mathematical and process of the cluster system.
Q4 2018 Conducting Token Sale; scaling competencies, HR; Launching a financial model; international localization of the project; conclusion of agreements with data providers and exchanges; Launching partnership programs.
Q1 2019 Listing on the stock exchanges; Updating the data; the Launch of the module "News and financial information."
Q2 2019
Scaling of the project geography (opening of representative offices: USA, South Korea, Japan); Expansion of the product line.
Q3 2019
Scaling of the project geography (opening of representative offices: South Korea, Japan).
Now the team of "Neuronix" is actively working on the project. Within the next month, the Beta version of the product will be completed, within two to three months, a full-fledged system of evaluation and rating will be launched.

The company expects to monetize the service by preparing rating and analytical information for investment companies, funds and exchanges.

In "Neuronix" note that the interest in buying these data in the market is quite high, in fact, "NEIROINIX" is a pioneer in the industry of professional evaluation of ICO projects, applying for these purposes the world and generally accepted by the professional investment community standards.

Fore more info in:


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