Hello my dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to an interesting and promising project.Pitchuem it all transactions are anonymous . In Pitchuem have one focus — the creation of a viable data from trading platforms in order to begin to return a dividend, holders of the token in the shortest possible time.

All trades can be seen, but the Pitchuem owner's address remains unknown, unknown, and anonymous. Each Pitchuem user can choose whether his name appears or not, but even if the user wants to keep his identity secret, all his transactions are still recorded and can be controlled through the blockchain.

Pitchuem is a crypto currency with its decentralized platform for financing and investing in new, unregulated cryptocurrencies, hence the name Pitchuem. If you are familiar with the words "Angel Investors" then you can directly link them to "Pitchuem" because Pitchuem aims to create a decentralized blockchain platform to bring together crypto currency stakeholders and players for funding.

New crypto currencies are considered to be profitable for investment after appropriate analysis and research by its creators, underlying principles and objectives, as well as security measures taken to protect investors ' funds.

"Silicon valley "in the crypto-era blockchain; we call ourselves"Crypto valley". Our goal is to become one end point-financing / investment / source of approval for the upcoming ICO and
crypto currencies are not only providing the investor for the project but giving everyone — the metrics, resources, and guarantees needed to implement the project to succeed and be indispensable in technology, sales & marketing, technology, and roadmap implementation.

Source: http://pitcheum.co/pitcheum.pdf

Transferring money from Pitchuem can only happen with a smartphone and an Internet connection. The cost of the transfer is very small. The transfer fee can be removed up to free, but to speed up transactions you can set the value in the Pitchuem wallet as needed no matter how many coins are sent. With increasing implementation of cryptocurrency and distribution of ICO and complex problem facing a real and significant problem cryptocurrencies, dying from the effect of the small funding and because of the distrust investors have Pitchuem there is a solution, they seek to put an end to the imminent death of the real, true problem-solving cryptoprocta, ensuring funding and investors that such projects could thrive and see the solution for the current problems.

Pitchuem is a guaranteed profit for projects and investors, it is a second life for projects and cryptocurrencies. Funds for product development and for building a crypto-financing and investment ecosystem and platform on which projects will thrive will be raised through selfdrop . Pitchuem http://pitcheum.co/pitcheum.pdf offer will have only 2 000 000 coins worldwide, it is an economic system based on deflation and increasing supply. Pitchuem prices tend to rise when demand is high and the number of coins in circulation is not increasing. Pitchuem is not controlled by agencies or governments. The Pitchuem https://pitcheum.co/ blockchain database is not controlled by another party, but is so open to the public that it is impossible for anyone to fake transactions in the blockchain. All transactions are recorded in real time, transparent and distributed across multiple servers. Those who want to change or falsify transaction data Pitchuem must hack several servers simultaneously. You can get more detailed information from the technical documentation of the project, as well as ask questions in the telegram chat.

Bautista also not spared in the awards, running the bounty campaign with a pool in 300,000,000 pitcheum Coin Token . At the rate of 1 eth = 500,000 pcn. The bounty pool will be distributed as follows:

Twitter campaign: 25%
Facebook campaign: 25%
Translation campaign: 10%
Telegram campaign: 11%
Blog, articles and video campaign: 12%
Campaign signatures: 17%

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