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Dear subscribers, I offer your attention a very unique project. And what exactly is the uniqueness and details of the ICo I will tell you later.
The FISH token provides a three-way approach to using thematic services that are useful for fishermen, retailers and sellers around the world. ProFish provides three main services on a decentralized platform that is self-sustaining.
Online tournament

Online tournaments are not a new concept, they have a proven track record in the sports fishing industry. Many sport anglers are already familiar with how online tournaments work. ProFish tournaments, however, will have additional benefits in the form of low transaction fees verified on the Ethereum blockchain.
The winners of the online tournament are awarded with FISH tokens and announced on the ProFish community page. The community web page has social networking capabilities similar to those of Facebook. Users can add friends, create groups, write on each other's walls and share their catches through the site. In addition to the social networking features of the website, a solution is also being created to access external social networking platforms to share some of your most proud achievements on your favorite platforms!

Internet market
ProFish Online Marketplace allows merchants, retailers and fishermen to exchange goods and services using FISH tokens and/or Ethereum. Community members will also be able to use this feature as an online swap to sell used or custom hardware.

Payments will be integrated directly into the shared store. Everything is done to allow sellers, retailers and simply platform members to have their own store with the ability to place items for sale on the fly.

Reward system
Bonus programs are very common in sport fishing-almost all major stores offer their own incentive programs. Very often, customers receive points, virtual gift cards or samples tied only to a specific retailer, product or offer. They always expire over time and usually the customer remains with an unusable small balance.

As a rule, bonus programs are closed from one market to another. Having a reward system tied to a particular retailer may seem like an advantage to traditional reward programs, but in an increasingly decentralized world, it's not. Customers will naturally flock to whatever option is most convenient and available for use; FISH will operate on markets and platforms, combining bonus programs and services, strengthening the economy of sport fishing. Imagine the millions of dollars spent on social media advertising, television, radio and sponsorship; most of that money is going out of the industry.

FISH is all about anglers who can grab lures or other inexpensive items with bonus points, share fishing stories with other fishermen, conveniently interact with their favorite retailers and participate in tournaments. The use of ProFish services (e.g. online marketplaces or tournaments) simultaneously increases the convenience of shopping and promotes the active use of sport fishing products. Fishing tournaments are not easy to measure directly in sales, but easy to measure in excitement. FISH aims to get anglers to enjoy their passion.

According to research conducted by the American Association of sport fishing in his report, Sportfishing In America, more than 60 million Americans spend about $ 46 billion a year on recreational fishing. Recreational fishing (also known as sport fishing) has a total economic impact of $ 115 billion in the US alone, when you include fishing expenses for accommodation, transportation, and other expenses related to sport fishing. The US accounts for about 45% of the world's income from sport fishing; other popular places include Japan, South America, Australia, South Africa and Scandinavia. According to the study, sport Fishing increases income by about 3.5% per year worldwide.
Until now, however, the benefits of blockchain technology have not been applied in this fast-growing industry. ProFish is the first of its kind organization in a completely undeveloped market. ProFish, Fish Token is able to bring a new kind of business feeling and a bright new change to the sports fishing community; FISH for anglers.
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