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Qripplex is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast, secured, transparent, peer-to-peer, low transaction fees & decentralized environment. It utilizes ERC20 token standard on the ethereum platform for securing its network. The goal of Qripplex ( PPL ) is to achieve a decentralized sustainable crypto currency with near instant full-time transparent transactions, fair governance and community intelligence to be able to own and use cryptocurrency in almost every aspect of their daily activities.

The Qripplex community will support initiatives that aim to increase the use of cryptocurrency by their sources. We aim to work towards a future where crypto assets will be acceptable in every sector.
Qripplex technology tends to provide a highly efficient infrastructure to adopt new protocols and support all kinds of commercial scenarios in the future. The Qripplex team have years of blockchain experience, with particular involvement in a few commercial-focused enterprise projects. The Qripplex community platform has been designed from the ground up to offer a flawless user experience with technical solution which intends to resolve the most pressing obstacles for commercial adoption of blockchain and (or) cryptocurrency such as scalability, security, customization, and interoperability.

The PPL smart contract interacts within the Ethereum blockchain system. Smart contract interaction with mainstream Chains can be realized through messaging. It will also form an endogenous multi-level cross-chain structure based on blockchain interaction.
A fee of about 0.2 cents as at time of writing this whitepaper will be charged as gas price for the transaction. This implies that token holders will need to have a reserve to process transactions. This ensures instant and transparent transactions.
This transaction fee is infinitesimal and sincere unlike other platforms which promise an absolutely free transaction but harbor hidden charges which could be as high as 2%-10% of the transaction value.
Forth Quarter of 2018

– Continue to recruit developers to work on various projects such as native Qripplex (PPL)
App development.

– Possible partnership with Crypto acceptance platform for e-commerce applications for
business promotion.

– Establishing of the PPL team telegram channel for meetings and discussions in order to allow for greater community involvement and leadership in the social media realm.

– Finishing of Airdrop and bounty program and payout of all participant PPL rewards.

– listing on more medium exchanges for more liquidity for Qripplex ( PPL ) and investment potential.

First Quarter of 2019

– Addition of 1-2 medium sized exchanges for more liquidity for Qripplex and investment
potential (and also spur on price growth).

– Reaching out to other like-minded community focused blockchains for ways to work together and cross-pollination of active communities.

– Listing on CoinMarket Cap and other Coin Price listing sites.

– Addition of up to 15+ languages to our website, whitepaper, and roadmap.

– Development of native Qripplex (PPL) IOS and Android Wallet APP.

Second Quarter of 2019

– Addition of 1-2 medium sized exchanges for more liquidity for Qripplex and investment potential.

– Partnership with E-commerce integration businesses to ensure adoption of Qripplex (PPL) for small businesses and online usage.

– A Beta testing release of the native Qripplex ( PPL ) IOS and Android Wallet APP.

Third Quarter of 2019

– Addition of 1-2 larger exchanges for more liquidity for Qripplex (PPL) and investment potential.

– Addition of Qripplex ( PPL ) tokens into on-demand exchangers such as; litebit and more..

– Possible release of the native Qripplex (PPL) IOS and Android Wallet in App stores.

BEYOND (2020)

– On the long-term, Our goals would be to enhance and ensure larger user-adoption and on-going development of our App.
Integration of Qripplex into other sectors that deem fit and also with cutting edge platforms into e-commerce and other methods of
transferring monetary value. We will continually be petitioning for larger and more
extensive open source development help and ensure a public free decentralized
platform for the furtherance of the project. We intend to see increased value and great use of
Qripplex (PPL) over time.he Qrippplex community donation is optional and is not a criteria to be a community member or participate in the airdrop or bounty program. The funds generated will be used in the platform promotion and large exchange listing, as we think that achieving these goals at the community early stage of existence will hasten its growth and also give a great value to the token itself and we hope we get your support. However, even without donations, the platform will achieve its goal at a longer term.

We have planned rewards for our donors according to their donation size. Donations can be made with three different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum , and Litecoin.

1 BTC = 33,000,000 PPL

0.1 BTC = 3,300,000 PPL

0.01 BTC = 330,000 PPL

Maximum donation is 1 BTC

10 ETH = 11,500,000 PPL

1 ETH = 1,150,000 PPL

0.1 ETH = 115,000 ETH

Maximum donation of 25 ETH

20 LTC = 6,000,000 PPL

10 LTC = 3,000,000 PPL

1 LTC = 300,000 PPL

Maximum donation is 60 LTC

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