Greetings to you my dear readers.Today I present a new and unique project.QTC has several functions such as: purchasing, payment and selling services and items online, exchange with Fiat currency, etc. You can also use the option international wire transfers, and also granting of loans (microfinance), loyalty programs, etc. All these services are associated with a single point - platform QTC, which makes them more secure and transparent than the currently existing cryptocurrency platform. The problem with many of these offers is that they offer individualized or additional services, but not the entire package. Quantocoin is committed to providing a unique opportunity for free anonymous transfers while maintaining the transparency of both the company and the project itself.
Quantocoin plans to extend this project to all regions of the world, especially the less developed and non-banking regions. The company aims to provide maximum speed, reliability and efficiency at low cost so that those who do not have access to banking services can use the QTC platform together with the mobile app to make their lives more comfortable and contribute to the expansion of digital banking. It is a very lucrative industry, involving more than 2.0 billion people in regions that provide them with limited or no access to banking services, while others are unable to access these services due to lack of identity documents, high Bank charges and severe restrictions. Therefore, Quantocoin considers this part of the population along with other potential customers.

QTS can potentially lift people out of poverty, as it will give them access to financial and banking instruments. These instruments will provide them with immediate liquidity and currency functionality better than the traditional banking system. Quantocoin will deliver these services to non-Bank regions, allowing people to invest, buy, pay and sell goods and services. QTC will be vital to improve the economies of these regions.

The whole system is developed on the basis of a clear platform that functions as an application on smartphones, as well as having the functionality of PCs and tablets. App QTC is built to be completely user friendly, offering customers the best user interface (UI/UX).

Quantocoin is developing a new financial project based on blockchain technology, the use of mobile technologies and bioidentification systems. Quantocoin aims to release QTC as a new type of digital currency in an expanding digital world that is fast, efficient, reliable and completely secure.
Quantocoin is implementing a merger of blockchain technology and traditional currency to revolutionize the financial sector by scrutinizing its potential. QTC will provide relevant benefits and proved that blockchain works and can bring additional value.

Quantocoin does not want to attract only venture capitalists, angels or seed investors to Finance its product. Therefore, it uses the unique characteristics of the crowdfunding process, which was strategically divided into 2 phases-ICO (ICO) and DTO (token Distribution offer). The project team believes that this will attract and enable everyone in the crypto community to be a part of this economic revolution, providing users with legally compatible transactions, providing both individuals and financial institutions with a low barrier to entry into the crypto-currency community.

Quantocoin can help people get out of poverty by giving them access to banking and investment tools that can provide liquidity to entrepreneurial businesses. This can be done through microfinance, investment, online and social trading to create new opportunities around the world. All you need is Internet and smartphone.

QTC is partially supported by the" Bancor Protocol“, characterized by a constant redundancy factor, which is based on our special” floating pool control algorithm " – FPMA. This means that the future price of a QTC depends on the value supported by FPMA as well as its internal value-added functionality, which is believed to attract investors due to the rapid growth of internal net worth. Such a simple configuration easily supports reliable and, in the future, realized confirmation of reserves immediately, QTC converts cash into digital currency and back. This feature is available in the QTC mobile app and payment card.
Platform QTC ensures complete transparency thanks to its technology biorecognition, which corresponds to the provisions on combating money-laundering and ”know your customer".

The platform is built on Open Blockchain technology, which offers a more developed/tested blockchain infrastructure “Altcoin", using the security and transparency they provide.

QTC is the most widely integrated cryptocurrency today, trading with all the stock exchanges of leaders, such as Bitfinex, BitStamp, Poloniex and Livecoin.

QTC offers good liquidity, which ensures that users can buy or sell as many coins QTC how much they want quickly and with small commissions.

Traditional markets have a complex structure, which is archaic and over-regulated, while the QTC is simple to use and accessible from any mobile device, both geographically and technologically. Because of traditional markets with a long chain of middlemen that charge fees, it can be very expensive for individuals.

Meanwhile, with a QTC fee and no minimum threshold, which makes QTC economical. QTC also makes microtransactions possible, which would otherwise be quite problematic.

Everything is very clear and easy to use and centralized on a unique QTC platform through the QTC ecosystem.

QTC is a token issued on the basis of a smart contract on the Waves platform, the world's fastest blockchain; which will be available to the public during THE QTc crowdfunding period. There is a limit of 99 million tokens QTC, which will be issued during the ICO and DTO.

QTC tokens will become the fuel of the QTc ecosystem engine and a speculative digital currency. It will be promoted worldwide and held on major exchanges. THUS, the QTc Token will serve as an intermediary between the cryptographic world and the real world as a new type of currency.

The decentralized nature gives the QTC token high performance that is exceptional and transparent while maintaining a low-cost environment with the latest security standards and technologies. In the near future, the QTc Token will be traded, P2P or B2B and will allow users to buy, sell or exchange QTC coins using Fiat currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies.

QTC has a commitment amount of 99 million tokens. The QTc token is not an integer and is available in fractional amounts. Market forces and cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms will determine the future price of the QTC Token. Accordingly, the price OF the QTc coin is expected to fluctuate on a regular basis.

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