Welcome my dear readers.I write to you from a beautiful country of Indonesia and so today we consider a promising project
We have the RealtyReturns-market created to provide you with access to companies that never have an opportunity to invest in real estate in the U.S. on a worldwide level. We wanted to help people with building wealth through cash investment property to provide passive income and capital appreciation. And if you have a pair of ETH you for the first time want to invest, or are looking to protect your ETH-benefits of the volatile cryptomarkt, RealtyReturns provides the access, expertise and experience to help you make the right investment in real estate to find for you.

Many people believe that investments in real estate is only a game for the rich. You once had the right connections to gain access to onroerendgoeddeals. Not only you had the right connections needed, but you also had huge amounts of capital needed.

That barriers to entry are limited to people who are involved with real estate could interfere and were convinced that this never would be an option. In the past few years, there are a lot of changes have been that now for all opportunities in real estate offer.

Cryptocurrency is changing the game for cross-border real estate transactions in which people from all over the world can invest in fractional real estate. With only 2 ETH, people can take advantage of income producing properties, together with capital growth. Because it is built on the Ethereum platform, with a market capitalisation of more than $ 50 billion, there are enough traders willing to use tokens to buy making it a liquid environment. You have not only more cross-border access by means of the cryptocurrency than ever before, but you also have a lower minimum investment is required.

There are 3 issues that are faced

Internationals real investors like U.s. real estate to possess, but are faced with significant barries to enter the market
Holders of the cryptocurrency search for credible opportunities for stable income from blockchain investments to receive that be supported by real assets.
Real estate is illiquid and capital intensive.
The solution

The Blockchain is global and our platform, and leverage that power to investors to provide opportunities to participate in investments in real estate across borders.
With our token, buyers can pay a proportionate part of the income of the real assets to capture, as well as any profits on sales.
Our system is built on a proven crowdfunding space. We pool smaller investors and give each participant the opportunity to have a small base to invest in order to fractional shares of each house to possess. Our Return Token is transferable on the stock markets, so investors have the option to use their investment position to leave.
The Blockchain will be the availability of reliable title deeds and the efficiency of transactions generally improve.

RealtyReturns is a transparent, cross-border marketplace that people all over the world provides access to real estate and wealth accumulates through the blockchain. Via their online portal, people can from all over the world in fractional real estate investing and take advantage of inkomstengeneratie and capital appreciation.

how has it worked

RealtyReturns builds a security token with a decentralised compliance protocol to an industry standard for the way in which asset-based tokens can be issued and traded on the blockchain. The Return Token is an open-source ERC-20-token on the Ethereum-a blockchain. What we are building, is a compliante way in which asset-backed tokens can be traded at any ERC-20-platform.

Token info

Token RRT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1 RRT = 0,00012 ETH

ETH accept


Our team has more than 100 years of experience with investing in real estate and our Blockchain-programmeringsteam is one of the world's best.

For more information, please follow this link

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