Welcome, my dear readers.Vacation is the best time and will share the good mood I decided with you. And so I will begin the review of a very perspictive project. Traditionally, we will start with a brief description of the project.As we face globalization, the various obstacles between countries have diminished and the global interaction of people and goods has become more convenient. Especially due to the improvement of the Internet, the range of overseas money transfers and fees is growing rapidly. While such a massive market has stimulated monopolistic monetary institutions, barriers between customers are still excessive, and transparency remains a constant problem. First, "foreign transfer" transactions are sluggish and inefficient due to systems such as the SWIFT network, while money transfer operators such as banks and non-Bank FINTECH organizations have boundaries in scalability and extensibility.

In addition, the "exchange rate" that occurs when discussing the world of Finance, changing, as we are considering the possibility of using political and economic passions between the two countries. In these situations, there have been many revolutionary attempts to break down inefficient designs with the help of applied Sciences, mostly based on block chain. The main technological know-how of the first generation block was transparency and security through distributed Ledger technology.

We have temporarily discussed above that existing methods of money transfer and long distance prices have many problems. This is the real history associated with the current monetary structure and way of life, which were considered as problems which were again and again, and constantly rising by several groups who have worked on solutions based on the block links.
Money transfer is of course the capacity of sending money. However, this is the lexical meaning of the dictionary. From a business point of view, remittances are not only about simple transfers, but also about additional payments, and also extend to "what happens when we send and master something." REMIIT emerges with these problems from this perspective: there is a repeated problem of remote locations in the huge scale of the money transfer market of remote locations, which is obtained on "issues related to alternative and use. Below are some of the issues that our platform addresses;

Reliability and safety issues
Questions of cost-effectiveness (and efficiency Commission)
The problem of infrastructure
REMIIT intends to innovate in the commercial enterprise "what happens when we ship and receive something" from a new perspective. This place, which is entirely based personal REMIIT ecosystem based on technological know-how blockchain technology. REMIIT developed REMIIT Smart Contract system to effectively scaled. Each participant REMIIT Ecosystem is located in the centre of the business relationship.
Thanks to this infrastructure of these ecosystems, each participant can create many channels to overcome existing problems. Ultimately, the barriers of the previous external trading ecosystem will be overcome through the use of more than a few channels, the market will expand and business will grow.
REMIIT Smart Contract
System-level tokens:
Extension to the REMIIT Payment Gateway Protocol

There are now more than a few attempts to commercialize the blockchain, so the time has come for REMIIT Ecosystem to play an important role for money transfers and payments in remote locations. Unlike the previous one, when SWIFT code was taken for granted, many FINTECH corporations tried to strengthen more than a few packages and applications to cope with the problems arising from SWIFT code.
The first blockchain revolution is bitcoin and is used to charge as well as to transfer with the help of millions of people. The second revolution is in the block chain itself. Blockchain is tested and used in various industries and related to each other. In addition, it is no longer just financial corporations, but also corporations from different industries seeking to comply with the technological know-how of blockchain for different areas.
In this sense, it is likely that the blockchain will be commercialized in the near future. This technology, like the Internet, should make the world more connected and cleaner, not just in the money sector, but also in numerous areas. New kinds of corporations and opportunities have been created that didn't exist before, and we need to test them.

Private ICO in progress
Pre ICO September 2018 to October 2018
Public ICO October 2018-November 2018


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