Greetings to you my dear readers. Today I will tell you about a unique project.
Mining is intentionally designed for more resources and difficult, where the number of blocks is met every day by miners remains steady. Individual blocks must contain a proof of work is considered to be valid. The proof this works is correct. Be received by the Bitcoin or the button passcode each other when they get a block, Bitcoin used jaw Hashcash prove weak to mining work. The goal is to adjust transaction history by way of actual calculation must be modified by an entity. By download and verify the blockchain or Crypto Bitcoin can reach consensus about event order in Bitcoin.

Most of the ICO there is no real product in the crowd. They can change the vision and strategy of them. Securix have a real product and we need to maintain the basis of his exploits for the card owner to maximize the output. So, according to the roadmap is very important for Securix, because the interest of the founders just like everyone else! They are also the ones holding the token and benefit from a mining operation very successful

Tapping the code has a clear future. Because Securix we depend on the mining market. Securix have clear vision to maximize production by re-investment and recorded program acquisition, ensuring return on investment the best for card holders

Until now competitors of we are using a profit split the profits based on profit. As the owner token, you're paying the cost. Can not get the cost what it is because they were not disclosed. Approach is our unique. We have gross revenue! No hidden costs, all risks and costs are the business risks of Securix.

After the crowd Securix, we always update the newsletter with our newsletter and news and information updates from the extraction facilities of our

Why choose Securix?
With a clear vision in the future, Securix be operating as a company. We are ready to go to market products. Token SRXIO create passive income by code per month. Is an industry first Securix has made a turnover rate of 45% for all the owner token, there is no structure, hidden costs, high output on each token, then share the net profits. A strategic investment premium. Or is the redeem code notification and recording program disk, or to re-invest in hardware harness new, both options will increase the yield on each token as value token. Hardware selection our operators are stringent and depending on the model our PUP (performance, price, energy Use). This will bring a good return on investment for every unit of mining hardware. Proud to announce that we have go ahead the route, the power capacity of 7MW, this is due to The clear vision of us. The founders and management Securix FZ-LLC is also the founder and managing Fintech Capital B. V. To our company success, it is necessary that our team are living in the country where the extraction facilities of our activities in our case the Netherlands.

Securix based on a code system to announce that rewards for cardholders per month with pembayaran.Jenis token economy based, this helps alleviate many problems cloud mining umum.Pengguna will not be lost investment if the market downturn and mining not menguntungkan.Sebaliknya, Securix will establish a number of profit their business as a company reserve to keep the lights in when they wait for the market pulih.Selain token will be secured by a smart contract so they cannot cancel until they run the program.

In an effort to improve ROI of the investment, Securix provides for 45% of the total monthly income to keep people buying cards token company SRXIO.Investor SRXIO to invest in tangible assets and the company nyata.Selanjutnya will reinvest or buy back the signs of the market, enhance the value of signs and the monthly output thus raising the possibility SRXIO card transactions, higher than the listing price on the first day after the bursa.Securix has also developed a special called Mega Vault Wallet.Selain hosted SRXIO signs the investor, it gives the user the ability to gain status, earn badges, and win prizes. Founder Securix is a experienced professional with many years of experience as director, senior executive of Fintech Capital BV.

Code keep free of all risks of business, Securix risk of exploitation ini.Bitcoin and transparency of the business is operated with honesty and transparansi.Setiap year, we will publish the total volume of Bitcoin was interested in the application of the kami.Token Mega Vault our and smart contracts based on ERC 20 ethereum blockchain.Bitcoin can not be distributed through a blockchain ethereum.Kami will convert Bitcoin our is ethereum to automatically share gross profit is 45% to keep our cards.

Our products are token based on Ethereum ER20. Is encrypted by the smart contract, the person holding the token will receive the monthly output of the total revenue of our operators. The more you keep more token, then the output on each token as high.

Pre-sale: 08/04/2018 3 - 09/06/2018
Business of ICO: 09/07/2018 8 - 10/31/2018
Code name: SRXIO
Category: mining
Soft seal: 3.000.000 USD
Mark: 55.000.000 USD
Token for sale: 42,350,000 SRXIO
Token: 1 SRXIO = 1 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepted payment: BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, USD and EUR
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