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Good evening dear readers!. Today I decided to write a review of an interesting and unique project. Long-time readers of my blog could already read my article about this company. And today I decided to prepare another one for you. This project is dedicated to one of the most popular areas, it is a game theme.A lot of gamers spend their day playing the game, be it DotA or counter strike.And I think this project will prove good x's. So how do you just look at what the money spinning in the incentive. millions of dollars in turnover of game items. And so I will tell you about the project. Sgame Pro-in short, this project is a platform that combines excellent conditions for all parties of the gaming industry, as well as the distribution of games for the internal currency of the project, or rather, the crypto currency. This method is very relevant, because every day more and more projects are implemented in their own games cryptocurrency to buy various game items. At the same time, the project uses blockchain and smart contracts, which allows to present this industry to a new, transparent and decentralized level.One of the features of the project is that the project seeks to establish cooperation with large companies for the production of games, as it is one of the most important steps to the implementation of the best, interesting and popular content. Also, another feature is that people will be able to receive money in the form of cryptocurrency, which will be awarded for the direct use of the platform games, in the current platforms in which the earnings are due to advertising.One of the main technical innovations of Sgame Pro is the emergence of the Protocol Proof of Play. Game proof is the mechanism by which Sgame Pro determines the consensus as to whether enough "play" play "has been done for my" Play-Block " by releasing the associated SGM block reward to the player. This works just like" Proof of work "where miners' reward is rewarded. Play-Blocks are defined as a set of actions that, if completed, generate a block reward in SGM. Play-Blocks vary depending on the level that determines the amount of "play" required and the amount of SGM block reward.

The platform will maintain a SGM liquidity reserve to manage outflow / inflow to / from Sgame Pro members, which is expected to grow with the number of players. The amounts of the play-Block rewards in SGM will be adjusted periodically to reflect price fluctuations on the SGM brand, aimed at ensuring an almost constant value of the player's income in Fiat.

The project team provides Merchants with unprecedented economies of scale and offer full coverage of multiple publishers at once, creating comprehensive high-quality user data through player engagement on the platform. Player profiles will be cross-games, providing much more competent opportunities for targeting players. Sgame Pro provides an easy and cost-effective way for Merchants to promote their products online through the Marketplace and Special Offers sections.On the sale of tokens
Name-Sgame Sa
Token - SGM
Type of tokens-ERC20
Main sale-September 2018
The price in the main sale-0.12
Token Distribution
The total number of tokens presented is 350 million.
Offers for long-term partners-139.5 million
Token sale: 55 million
Liquidity reserve-83 million
Storage of tokens from the Issuer-51 million
Advisors and founders-15 million
Bounties and Airdrops-6.5 million
All our activities are focused on the fast growing mobile gaming industry, in consequence of which, were developed several technical innovations to benefit players, publishers, vendors and influential people. Sgame Platform Pro gives you the ability to consolidate a fragmented sector of independent and major game publishers in one-time gaming platform, where Players will have the opportunity to challenge others in games that were previously only single players.

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