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Welcome dear friends.Today I write my review in extreme conditions, write an article from a yacht in the Gulf of Thailand.
SmartChain Media is the next generation of entertainment video streaming platform that will bring together crowdfunding, social media, TV shows, movies, documentaries and all sorts of other online content into a single platform using Blockchain 3.0 technology.

The principle of operation of SmartChain
SmartChain Media wants to revolutionize the entertainment industry by bringing Blockchain technology to the world of entertainment. This will make a huge difference in the traditional cable and satellite TV industry by inviting both fans and creators of media content to one platform and allowing them to take an active part in content production.

Introducing iProdoos, the first ever crowdfunding platform that allows users to earn income from the funds they invest in the project. IProdoos is available as a mobile app and web interface in the SmartChain ecosystem. It will bring together all premium content such as Talk shows and movies, as well as other types of online content. Now viewers will be able not only to be fans of their favorite shows, but also to act as producers and directly participate in their shows. Now fans can decide whether they want the show to be on air or not. The duration of the show depends on their consensus. The original content will be broadcast ad-free with a minimum fee of only $1 per episode.
Viewers now have to pay only for the shows they want to watch through the pay-per-view model. Consumers can even go behind the scenes of production and even interact with their favorite stars. They can win a chance to meet and greet them. Content creators get exclusive control over your content and can now have creative freedom to create their original stories and ideas. MediaCoin is a digital currency of the platform and can be used for all transactions and can be exchanged for traditional cash or cryptocurrency. Viewers and content creators can Finance and earn tokens as revenue from the system.

Peculiar properties:
A high degree of interaction between viewers, content creators, actors and production teams.
Very low cost per view without ads.
Best production volume.
Trouble-free and continuous viewing of programs.
Zero license fee for international distribution.
A personalized experience for customers, involving them in the platform and allowing them to create and implement ideas.
MediaCoin will provide transparency of business transactions and will become the Central currency for all transactions in the system.
Improved chat interface where consumers can voice their opinions and expectations regarding the show and content producers and creators can have a better understanding of consumer experience and behavior.

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