Dear subscribers, I offer your attention a very unique project. And how much is the uniqueness and details of the ICo I will tell you later. Stacktraceelement is a token for decentralized service level management the Team behind this project believes there are various limitations and low efficiencies in developing performance, capacity and scalability issues through legal answers.

Stacktical aims to reduce performance failures and manage non-performance situations using data technology and blocking technology by Providing an infrastructural solution to the infrastructure problem, Stacktical will fulfill the original purpose of the Constitution of service level agreements to establish and enforce policies, fair data-based policies, which can alleviate the situation of inactivity for all application participants and violate the irrelevant tradition of unloading risk by participating in the fault of games.

Override compensation
To help companies compensate their customers for performance failures, Stacktical uses a combination of smart and blockchain at the same time they also reward their support teams for operational excellence.

For users: Stacktical is the future of customer service. Users can join compensation programs and receive DSLA tokens when the service fails.

For employees: Stacktical creates the ability to mark support heroes. Employees can define their service level Goals (SLOs), accomplish these tasks, and get rewarded for their hard work.

For suppliers: Stacktical creates a long-lasting relationship. Suppliers can automate retaining talents and customers, among the tasks of scalability.
The functions of service level management Stacktical Blockchain
Stacktical provides a comprehensive solution to provide and receive compensation when it matters. The following are the main features of the platform:

Predictive testing of reliability: Stacktical uses the collection of packaging data to ensure that releases meet the objectives of the service.

Decentralized service level agreements: the platform is a public register of evidence of scalability, service level objectives, and failures.

Automatic compensation: Stacktical covers the DSLA token symbol, which is automatically depleted based on good and bad service levels.

The market brings comfort: Stacktical offers a market for trading tokens DSLA for collecting items, services, promotions, and production.

Stacktical ICO details:
Settings ICO
Technology: ERC-20
Max. Token: 10 000 000 000 DSLA
Available for purchase: 5 000 000 DSLA
Accepted currency: FIAT and ETH during the private sale
Soft cap hard cap: 4M 8M

The token allows users to:

Access to the Stacktical platform
Run projections of scalability
The formation of the compensation pools
Publish decentralized service level agreements
Reward users for performance violations
Rewarding support groups for achievements in the areas of performance
Redeem collectibles on the market
Compensation of internal and external applications
Thanks to the token DSLA and the agreements on decentralized levels and service platform Stacktical the company can automatically recoup the losses to their customers in case of failures performance and at the same time to reward their teams for good performance.

The Stacktical platform and DSLA token are designed to support the interests of all application stakeholders in both performance and non-business situations. The provider begins with the definition of service level objectives, and then puts the tokens DSLA to create a pool of compensation that have been exhausted on the basis of good service levels and bad levels of service.

Token holders can withdraw the DSLA THEY receive as compensation to their ERC-20 compatible wallet, or exchange them for promotional offers and other collectibles available on the market.

In the end, all tokens obmenjatsja on the market Stacktical are returned to the pool of compensation to deal with the other failure of performance that may occur.
Detailed information:

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