Greetings to you my dear readers.Today I present a new and unique project. measurement of the number of population in the cities is growing every year. Basically, people start moving from rural areas to large settlements in order to find a good job and improved infrastructure. Such urbanization can cause great problems. These problems are already bringing opportunities for each transport service provider to develop business and generate larger profits. But the transport industry had to get used to the era of the digital sphere, becoming more progressive, more convenient and safer for any user.
Those applications that today are designed for phones, allow people to order a taxi, paying for it with a credit card tied to the account of any user. In addition, it made it possible for transport service providers to connect a mobile application on the phone and use it to take orders, execute and accept payments. For small and medium-sized companies, this option can greatly reduce operating costs, plus it connects the supplier to a huge database of customers who use the application.
New transport systems also make it possible to perform any action using a conventional cell phone. Now users can plan their own route, and then stick to it.
People notice ads every day, in a variety of places. This also includes a taxi. But, as a rule, most of the advertisements do not apply to a particular person. On the other hand, advertisers can not always carry out marketing campaigns, receiving in return an increased return on their own investment from advertising.
Tachain transport project will be able to find an interesting method of interaction of these elements of everyday life of any person living in the city, offering him new solutions. Every interaction between customers and taxi providers will be stored in the blockchain. Users will be able to evaluate transport providers and all rating data, even comments, will be available to other customers. Car owners will also be able to assess their own customers and evaluate their attitude. By doing all this, users and providers will be able to receive tokens. In addition, customers will be able to study mobile advertising while driving, earning a large number of tokens.

What is Tachain?

The Tachain project was released recently. It is considered an interaction between some elements:

Tachain AdNet. With this element, phone owners and applications will be able to view any advertising when driving their own vehicles. Advertisers will be able to pay users for views tokens. Users of the application can be both taxis and ordinary passengers. They will also have access to the benefits of the project. AdNet-the latest platform that allows passengers, moving in a taxi, watch ads, take part in various marketing campaigns.
Tachain Transportal. The application will have a rating system for all customers. All data and statistics in the ranking will be saved by the blockchain.
Tachain TMARQ. The project creates its own token exchanger. In order to give users a chance to exchange tokens, TMARQ will be released, which allows you to purchase and implement tokens very quickly from the application. Together with the development of the system of service providers, the project will significantly develop, ensuring the rapid development of tokens.

The main objectives of the project

Users will be able to get a universal API. Advertisers will be provided with a universal platform that has unlimited resources to create ads.
Drivers and passengers will benefit from a safe and transparent solution. They will be provided with additional income.

The purpose of this platform is to create a comfortable exchanger for users, where each participant can exchange or buy tokens.

The main mission of the project Tachain – be comfortable and safe connecting element between all participants. Plus, the project is trying to provide its own customers a chance to earn.
The project team believes that very soon the customers of the transport sector will plan their own routes, using only a regular application in the mobile phone, as this method is considered the most comfortable. In addition, all orders will be carried out very quickly and efficiently.

For more information about the project :
WEBSITE: https://tachain.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://tachain.io/Whitepaper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/TAChain_EN
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tachain6
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tachain.io
ANNTHREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4597128


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