Welcome my dear readers. Today I want to introduce you to a very promising project. The project has very high ratings. And I am sure that from this project you can get a very high income.Since I saw in this project a high investment attractiveness, which is confirmed by high ratings. And so meet.Vendio is a digital video advertising interactive platform that bridges the communication gap between publisher content, viewers 'and advertisers' interest by seamlessly connecting relevant ads to media publishers consumed by the viewer. The platform implements its own tagging algorithm added to video content fragments at a specific time and for a specific duration of the video selected by the publisher. These tags accurately describe the visual content displayed in a certain period of time. Also, data in tags and information about assets are transferred to potential advertisers to select the publisher. Who choose the best advertising that meets the specific needs of publishers.

Vendio Analytics provides detailed data for both the publisher and the advertiser through the platform's toolbar. Each participant in the process is given a Vendi score, which would be clear on how much a successful publisher or advertiser in relation to their content.
The platform will use its own VendiCoin tokens. All payments and tramacchi will be held with SmartControl and using these coins. VendiCoin are utility tokens that grant rights and privileges to their owners when using the platform and its services.
For further development of the platform, the team conducts ISO. Just released 10 million tokens VendiCoin. ISO is divided into 7 rounds. The first round began on 16 February and the planned end date for the last round is 23 March.
A few words about how the company's pool will be distributed. Let me remind you of the pool – 10 million tokens, it's not so much.

  • 60% of tokens allocated for sale
  • 15% for marketing and operational purposes
  • 10% is reserved for the founders and management of ISO.
  • 10% distributed to the team
    -5% for ISO consultants and partners.


The first two rounds are over. Now there is a third round. Beginning 26 February to 3 March. Coin you can buy with a bonus of 48%, that is 65центов. From 3 to 8 March, the bonus will be 35% - 80 cents. From 8 to 13 March, the bonus percentage will be reduced to 25%, the token will cost 95 cents. From 13 to 18 March 12% and the price will be 1.1 dollar. And during the last round from 18 to 23 March the price of the coin is 1.25 dollar. This is the full price of the coin. All coins not sold at the end of ISO. Will be burned.
Road map of the company.
March 2018 with the closure of ISO, token holders will be able to test the operation of the platform. 3rd quarter 2018 - expansion of the team and launch of the online platform. 4th quarter – improvement in enhanced user interface. By the end of the 4th quarter launch of the mobile application. In 2019, Wendi will expand to a streaming platform. All details about the company's development plans can be found in white paper.
The team also conducts the bounty company, which will last until April 5. Pool bounty will be 300 thousands VendiCoin. The distribution of tokens will be in the following proportions:

  • tweeter 75 thousand VendiCoin
  • FB 75 thousand VendiCoin
  • telegram 50 thousand VendiCoin
  • company YouTube - 100 thousand VendiCoin.
    Anyone can participate and receive an award.
    In General, the project is very interesting, the very development of custom advertising will be widely used by both publishers and advertisers.
    To conclude, I want to say that I was very interested in this idea. I advise you to look at this project.

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