Welcome my dear readers.I write to you from a beautiful country of Indonesia and so today we consider a promising project
In my opinion, this is a unique campaign. What the team offers borders on fantasy. But nevertheless is a reality. The product is already working.
VIARIUM is a tool that will completely replace physical space. VIARIUM consists of a single virtual space, which includes VR worlds and VR architecture of shopping centers, individual buildings, exhibition halls and other VR models created by the platform
That is, in fact, in the virtual space, we can make purchases, hold meetings, engage in sports. This project is also useful for construction. And for many other areas of our lives. And for any audience, VIARIUM offers an unlimited range of tools.
The Blockchain technology in the VIARIUM project allows to use such functions as: registration of real estate rights in a distributed Ledger, safe, transparent and fast transactions for selling virtual property at the expense of funds sent through an intellectual contract, transparent and fair voting on various community issues: use of funds, blocking members with unacceptable content at the request of other members of the system, creation of new territories, etc.

The development team consists of professionals.

Alex Maskaev
Expert in 3D visualization since 2006, organized several companies in different fields: construction business, interior design, sale of finishing materials, it. Evangelist BP.

Matt Coleman
Leading specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the field of entertainment / sports and technology in the field of audiovisual recording. Launched to increase the world's virtual reality company and innovative sports company Arrival. For 12 years, he worked for Warner entertainment and Sony entertainment, and then founded the interactive mobile marketing company Txtstation, which attracted more than $ 6 million in venture capital investments

Igor Razin
technical Director
Multi-user interaction Development, creation of scenes on the unity platform. Engaged in VR development since 2014. One of the world's first multiplayer quest Creator

Sergey Simanovsky
Blockchain consultant
Experience in blockchain projects for more than 6 years, including successful ICO. The project leader and inspirer of the voice. Fund (venture capital investments on the blockchain and management of the project group "voice").

Daria Kolyvanova
project manager
Project management in the financial sector and IT-technologies. Implementation of projects from scratch to market. Believes that the next few years will be critical for the introduction of BP / AR in our lives
And other specialists.
Pre-sale: 16.07.2018-09.09.2018
Main sale: 24.09.2018-24.10.2018
As the planned second phase of sales for the year 2019.
Token of raw materials, industry and energy
Standard: cher 20
Price:$0.05 USD
Released total: 250 000 000
For sale: 130 000 000
Soft Cover:$1,000,000
Hard Limit: 5 000 000$
From the collected funds, the team is going to invest a significant part in the development of the project(infrastructure, marketing, opening access points).

More information about VIARIUM you can find :
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