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Blockshipping  is a global common container platform (GSCP), aimed at transforming the  global container transport industry using blocking technology.

Blockshipping has already received funding for its GSCP platform from private investors, as well as the Danish Marine Fund. The  project claims that it is the first global platform that allows all  participants in the shipping industry to perform a wide range of  container-related transactions. 

How it works

Blockshipping wants to create the world's first block-registry, which allows the industry to track all containers in real time. Today, there are 27 million metal freight containers around the world.

GSCP  (Global Common Container Platform) is a neutral global platform designed  to connect all participants in the container transport industry,  including carriers, ports, terminals, transport companies and much more.
The platform will allow industry participants to manage all types of transactions related to the processing of containers. 


About 60% of the world trade in marine goods falls to the share of the container shipping industry. However, the industry faces serious problems, including:

  • Overload capacity 
  • Low tariff plans
  • Secure
  • Ecology

By implementing the system to increase efficiency and improve processes, Blockshipping seeks to solve these problems. 

Project advantages

Global acceptance. ICO  is considered as a "natural additional source of financing", to  accelerate the development of the company because the project is already  funded by private investors, as well as the Danish Marine Fund.

Reduction of emissions. Blockshipping will make cargo transportation more efficient, which results in fewer unnecessary trips and more optimized loads. The project will reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide by no less than 4.6 million tons.

Cost saving. Allows you to save 5.7 billion US dollars a year. 


Token Distribution


Peter Ludwigsen (CEO and Founder), who has 38 years of experience in the shipping industry.

Christian Gintelberg (COO), an IT management consultant with management experience in several shipping companies.
Jesper Wedelsby (technical director), technical architect with 20 years of experience in shipping, airlines and energy. 


Blockshipping ICO for CCC tokens begins on May 14 and ends on June 14, 2018.
Of the total volume of deliveries of tokens:

  • 70% go for public sale, 10% - for pre-sale,
  • 10% - on consultants, media and partners,
  • 10% to founders
  • 5% to ICO bonuses.

Of the funds collected during the ICO:

  • 45% goes to the fund of the market-maker 
  • 10% are going to sell CPT.
  • 20% is going to purchase software
  • 25% for the development and operation of the platform.

The total stock of 50 million CCC tokens. During the ICO, 42.5 million tokens are sold.
ICO Blockshipping is important for two reasons

  • First, the ICO is the first ICO associated with shipping in Northern Europe.
  • Secondly, ICO will also be the first to fulfill the Danish landmarks in the field of "ICO 2.0".

ICO will be built on what is called the "ICO 2.0 Framework". ICO 2.0 Framework is being built by Denmark's largest law firm in cooperation with the consulting firm Fintech. 

This  structure is designed to improve the quality standards for the ICO, to  ensure that the future Danish ICO is 100% consistent with Danish law,  provide the highest standards in terms of security and quality of  coding, promote openness and transparency, and adhere to a strict code  of conduct. 

Road map


Investors who buy tokens during the ICO will be entitled to receive part of the profits from the platform. Blockshipping has already received investments from private investors and the Danish Marine Fund. They also seek to raise money during the ICO.

This is the world's first global transport container platform based on blockbuster, or GSCP. Blockshipping is one of several companies seeking to use blockage to optimize efficiency in the global shipping industry.

To learn more about Blockshipping, follow the links: 


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