Omnitude ICO

Omnitude is a project based on the Hyperledger platform. The  task is to introduce blocking technologies into the sphere of retail  and wholesale commerce and corporate systems related to the creation of  logistics platforms. The project develops an internal coin "ECOM". It will serve as the basic means of settlement on the platform. The  use of Omnitude as a means of interaction between functioning systems  will allow the fastest deployment of applications based on blockchain  technology, without the need to replace the existing infrastructure. 

Problems  in e-commerce, solved by the introduction of Omnitude The global  e-commerce market has reached the level of 1.6 trillion US dollars in  2016. The projected growth of this market by 2021 is almost triple, to the level of 4.5 trillion US dollars. The main turnover is accounted for by online retail stores.

However, this industry is constantly facing serious problems. The most common problems leading to losses:

  • 45% of online stores report financial losses when introducing new software into the existing structure;
  • when paying online losses of Internet traders from fraud reach 0.5% of gross sales;
  • the loss of sellers from credit card abuse is approaching $ 25 billion a year;
  • fraud with the identity of legitimate cardholders also causes significant damage to free trade.

The launch of the Omnitude platform can help in achieving the following goals:

  • introduction of honest and "transparent" accounting systems in production and supply chains;
  • maximum reduction in the possibility of fraud in e-commerce;
  • implementation of a unique user identifier for use on any site, online store and so on;
  • help in the integration of blocking technologies into corporate systems, such as ERP & WMS.

Project road map

  • 1st quarter of 2018. Launched the site and developed White Paper. Holding a preliminary and basic ICO. Launch the alpha version of the platform;
  • 2nd quarter of 2018. Listing of ECOM on stock exchanges. Work with partners. Announcement of technical partners;
  • 3rd quarter of 2018. Start testing the platform and individual elements;
  • 4th quarter of 2018. The end of the tests and the launch of the ecosystem on an ongoing basis. 

Core team

 Omnitude platform token (ECOM)

The ECOM token will be launched on the platform. It will perform the following functions:

  • means of payment for access to ecosystem resources; 
  • means of payment in mutual settlements between participants; 
  • means of stimulation of participants and maintenance of safety of functioning;
  • means for raising capital for the development of the platform Omnitude.

In  the future, you will be able to buy an ECOM token on exchanges or get  on the platform for your products or services, as well as as a reward  for the unit, to peer-to-peer network hosts. 

The ICO Program

To develop the platform, it is planned to raise funds through the initial placement of coins (ICO). The total issue will be 100 million coins.

Token distribution:

  • 12% - to the development team;
  • 33% - to the fund Omnitude;
  • 5% - preliminary ICO;
  • 50% is the basic ICO. 

More about the project:

Web site:








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