"BankEx" Proof-of-Asset-Protocol. ICO LIVE.

Good evening friends and guests of my blog Golos. In this article I will tell you about the BankEx website.
Today, there is a huge number of different banking systems and processors that greatly simplify our lives. We can, without leaving home, pay for utilities, loans, taxes and so on naturally. And such a spread of information technologies in the banking sphere could not but touch on the cryptogram.

One of the most significant projects that brought together these two aspects of the economy was Bankex.

Bankex - http://bankex.com/ - is a crypto-financial platform that sells tokens and financial assets. This modern banking platform of the exchange plan provides an opportunity not only for ordinary buyers, but also for numerous banks to exchange their products.

Back in May of the current year, the project was recognized as one of the top 50 fintech start-ups, which encouraged people to collect their assets and contracts in one place, for which they, in turn, received significant bonuses. The basic invention under the auspices of Bankex was the Proof of Asset Protocol (PoA), which allows customers to resolve the issue of the liquidity of their capital. This protocol is a combination of BaaS-technologies (Bank-as-a-Service) and Blockchain and is divided into 4 fundamental stages of work. These include: the transfer of assets into the digital form, then the exchange of tokens, the subsequent trade in tokens and the total sale. A unique feature of Bankex Proof of Asset Protocol is its ability to unlock assets. Assets subject to labeling include a variety of asset classes with a total capitalization of more than $ 100 million. In addition, there are many benefits derived from asset tokensisation. For example, accreditation of assets will allow a greater number of investors to make significant contributions to the construction of buildings and receive income from these investments.

BKX tokens can also be used to own large assets, and also to ensure that funds can be available in the stock market of the banking platform as real estate. Buyers can also get free access to derivatives of crypto-currency currencies.

ICO tokens BKX started on the platform site www.bankex.com. In total, developers released 400 million tokens, but only 80 million were allocated for the open ICO stage. Most of these tokens have already been realized (about 70%) for a total of about $ 60 million.


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