"BankEx" ICO LIVE.

BankEx - Fintech of the new generation! This is confirmed not only by the token tokens, during which more than 6 million units were sold, but also by entering into the TOP 50 most promising projects of this year.

Basically, it is a platform for digitizing assets. Today, the market for undervalued assets is very large. In fact, it is money that no one earns, and sometimes it leads to the death of worthy business projects and developments. But all this happens not because nobody wants to work with these assets, the fact is that few people can handle them and have the necessary resources.
BankEx has developed its technological solutions and combinations of technologies, such as BaaS (Bank-as-a-Service) protocol and Proof-of-Asset protocol. These and other developments work on the Waves and Ethereum platforms and are protected by the blockade system.

For each process, a smart contract is drawn up, and the buyer acquires exactly what is stated in the smart contract. All tokens are provided by the fund, which is formed from the commission for the operations performed on smart contracts, part of the profit from the partner platforms, fees for the release of crypto-assets.

In the immediate plans
In the near future, completion of the implementation of 150 million tokens, which in dollars is 50 million. Another plan is the first commercial implementation of Plasma Light, aggregation of documentation, the start of work in Switzerland, the creation of new partnerships.

The creation of a universal consortium is one of the most important stages for renewable smart crashes, and it will be 2018.

The ICO started in New York on November 28th. Private sales of tokens will only be for accredited investors. The threshold for the entry of 10 bitcoins or 10,000 dollars. Investors from all over the world are already participants in this project and are working with assets that are the future of the crypto-economics.


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На Golos с 2017 M07

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