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Hello to all my subscribers, friends and guests of my Voice Blog. Today I would like to introduce you to a rather promising and unique platform of its own, called traceto.io.
Every day thousands, perhaps even millions of people, face certain difficulties that imply the passage of verification, or simply KYC (know your customer or KYC). This is a fairly easy and fast procedure, which is considered a formality, but many people are frightened and repelled by the fact that they must provide their personal data, such as a scan or photo of a passport, a confirmed place of residence and so on, during this procedure. This information is necessary for exchanges, companies or banks where there are some restrictions for users, for example, citizens of the United States and several other countries can not participate in the ICO, and this information about you will be that confirmation.

The traceto platform implements the KYC procedure and verification using Blockchain technology, which will ensure all users security of data storage and transparency, which is a big plus for all users. Also, smart smart contracts will be added to all this.
This will ensure fast and maximum safe verification. To date, this is a real problem, since the KYC procedure sometimes lasts too long, there are also cases where information flows out of the platform or cases of failure for unknown reasons. Traceto makes everything as unique as possible, revolutionary, affordable, fast and most importantly safe for everyone.

An important aspect is that this platform is created by a team of true professionals who have been successfully working and progressing in this field for several years.
I consider Traceto to be a very promising project, as soon as the verification process will be absolutely necessary everywhere and the KYC procedure will be in demand even more, and by that time Traceto will gain precious experience and reputation.
I recommend that you join the verification revolution and the KYC procedure by participating in the ICO.

Brief information about ICO.
Public sale began on April 26 and now you have the opportunity to purchase tokens.
The Token has a T2R exchange symbol.
Price 1 T2T = $ 0.0581
The project goal is 35,000 ETH or $ 23,200,000
The total number of tokens - 1 000 000 000 among which is available for sale 400 000 000
Investments are accepted in the ETH.

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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