Hello, readers, as well as amateurs of crypto currency. Today we will talk about social networks, which are used by almost every user. Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram all this is a part of our life. In social networks we communicate, we find groups on interesting topics and listen to music. But recently, cases of using personal data of users by third parties have become more frequent. The Foresting project is a social network of a new level, we will consider it in more detail.

Decentralized service, whose users will receive rewards and bonuses for the news or content created in general. As I said, cases of theft of personal data have become quite serious, users simply are afraid to spread something into the network. Block-technology will solve the problem of cyberattacks and theft.

Unfortunately, personal information can be used to show you advertising, because usually advertising posts affect exactly your interests, your purchases in online stores and other personal information. Thousands of bots that also try to impose you with spam unnecessary information. Due to the transparency of the Foresting project, there will not be bots on the site, only real people. But at the same time, technology allows a person to remain anonymous, if desired.

Also, developers want to create a service that all users of outdated social networks can migrate to.

The social network Foresting consists of 3 main components:

  • Itself sots.set.
  • Digital banking for users.
  • Service of assistance "Foresting lab".
  • All the content is stored in the database of the block, and the platform itself has an equitable distribution system.

For the creators of the content, a special bank called "Foresting bank" was created. With its help, operations with finances and other transactions will be conducted. "Foresting lab" is responsible for marketing issues, as well as user support.

ICO  WebTwitterYoutubeWhitepaperTelegramFacebookInstagramBountyMedium   

Standard: ERC20.
Name of the token: PTON.
Total number: 24 000 000 000 PTON.
For sale: 9 000 600 000 PTON.
Cost of 1 ETH: 33.333 PTON.
By the way, the ICO period will end in September, so if you want to get a token, it's better to do it right now.

Token distribution:

  • 25% the team.
  • 10% are partners.
  • 10% advisors and marketing.
  • 10% the reward.
  • 5% reserve fund.

Project advantages:

  • Clear and simple interface of the site.
  • Compatibility with both computers and mobile gadgets.
  • A huge number of sections.
  • Support for a large amount of content.
  • The best safety among competitors.

The project cooperates with a huge number of partners. It is not surprising, because the urgency of the problem is quite high. The new social network will most likely unite all the previous ones.

The project manager is David Kim. He is an expert in business matters, and he also has extensive experience in the field of investment.

His assistant is Jimmy Kim. Quite successfully proved itself in the past by releasing several promising start-ups.

David Lee is a consultant in the field of cryptology, and was also the operational director of the Hdac project.

I think that soon we will move from the usual platforms to Foresting. The thing is that the confidentiality of all social networks has long been under threat. Not only public services use our personal information, but also people who are engaged in advertising. Their programs equip a picture of your interests, purchases and other things, because of which annoying commercials are constantly attracting attention. This platform allows to solve the problem of confidentiality, and colossal support of partners will only speed up the process of launching the service into operation. Plus, for the content, people will receive bonuses, which is also quite nice.


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