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Hello dear subscribers and guests. Today I would like to discuss such a burning topic as the role of marketing in the life of a modern man. Probably each of us has his favorite advertising channels from which he derives important information for himself, for example, the emergence of some novelties from the gadget world or the release of a new technology that can change the world for the better, and maybe you embroider a cross and wait for the release of new threads with an unimaginable palette of colors. I can say with a high degree of probability that your sources of information are Internet sites or well-known bloggers from the sphere you need, in general these are the communication channels that you trust and they have authority for you.

And what about modern marketing companies? In most cases, intrusive advertising only annoys people. A discount system? Recently I bought a vacuum cleaner and I was credited with points that I can spend on kitchen devices - it's certainly wonderful, but I want a new plasma and I would use this discount, and I do not really need a blender and I see a problem in it - it's completely useless loyalty system for customers.
Such advertising has long been ineffective, as it approaches the level of spam for ordinary users and at the same time causes huge damage to advertisers, as huge resources are expended, and returns are minimal. Fortunately, I'm not the only one who believes that the marketing sphere needs to be transformed, since advertising should bring tangible profits to the company, and the funds should be spent with maximum efficiency. At the same time, customers should receive the information or products they need, rather than spam and an imposed product. I present to you the MobileBridge Momentum project.

Momentum is a marketing platform for blockchain, which should make a breakthrough in the field of Internet marketing. This platform is an intermediary between companies and consumers of services and goods.
The platform allows consumers to promote products and services themselves or to support brands, and in exchange for advertising to receive bonuses in the form of project tokens that can be used to buy the goods they need, they can also be presented to other users within the platform or pay for services. Also, customers will receive tokens for comments and comments, distribute information on their own sites or blogs about new products or services, for expert evaluation and advice or advice on products, and much more.

What interesting platform does it offer?

  • Users can create their own marketing campaigns, using as a reward platform tokens;
  • The platform will help to better understand the interests of consumers and become one step closer to effective promotion;
  • The platform allows you to open your loyalty system and reward users for copyright advertising and promotion of goods and services: consulting, advertising in social networks, likes, reviews and much more;
  • All these innovations will help in optimizing and increasing the conversion of marketing companies.

What does this give consumers?

  • Reliable information that will allow you to keep abreast of all new products on the market;
  • Users themselves will decide which products they want to receive and what products to promote;
  • Instead of incomprehensible discounts and discounts, users will receive tokens, which can always be exchanged for the necessary goods or even sell.

Momentum (MBMT) tokens are created on the Ethereum platform and use ERC20 protocol. This token is the unit of account within the platform. And can exchange for the right products or services, act as a means of paying user services for advertising companies or even convert to other cryptocurrencies. The total issue is 1 million 000 000 tokens.
Sofcap - € 2 500 000
Hardcap - € 42,000,000

As I said earlier, modern marketing needs urgent reorganization and transformation. I am very glad that such a project has appeared that will be able to breathe new life into this sphere. I always believed and believe that expert advertising from an authoritative source of information is much more effective than a classical advertising company. I think with proper organization the project will be a success, and a token X-Files. In addition, I do not think so alone, and this is evident from the partners of the company, the partners of the company are quite large brands.

If you like me and would like to become a member of the Momentum project, then first carefully study their official website https://momentumtoken.io

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