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The world never stands still. At this stage of our existence, the development of information technology has a great impact on our lives. A few years ago, in the field of income on the Internet, a variety of hypes, companies, funds and so very popular. but time is changing, moving forward, improving and now people are trying to invest their money in a more open and transparent project, the crypto currency project. more and more people are realizing this, and many believe that someday in the future the crypto currency will replace existing practices by using outdated currencies .

But now there are three major problems that do not allow the practice of crypto currency received by a wider audience: accessibility, transparency and sustainability .

BDG will be the world’s first token to provide holders with a 100 percent guaranteed value return. This is because its value is underwritten by Hostinger, BitDegree’s main partner.
Hostinger’s backing means that BDG holders will ALWAYS be able to exchange their token for Hostinger services that are the worth the value that ETH held on the day they were used to purchase BDG. Token holders can do this at any time.
If this is still not clear, don’t worry! We’ve simplified things: at the time of writing, one ETH is currently worth $480.92 USD. Hostinger’s backing marks this value. Using this current exchange rate, the token holder will always be able to exchange their BDG for $480.92 USD worth of Hostinger services, even if the value of ETH drops below what it was worth on the day it was used to buy BDG.
Should the value of ETH increase, the value of BDG also increases. So, should the token’s value be higher than on the day it was bought, token holders will be able to exchange their BDG for higher-priced Hostinger services. We would also like to remind you that BDG can only be purchased using ether, the ethereum currency (ETH).

The pool for the referral program is 200 000 tokens. Each person who signs up on the BitDegree page with your unique referral code gives you one stake.
Let’s say that by the end of the referral program, you’ve referred 10 unique visitors who signed up with their email. Other participants referred 990 more. So in total we have 1 000 referrals, so 1 000 stakes.
As the pool is 200 000 tokens, 1 stake = 200 000 / 1 000 = 200 tokens.
You referred 10 people, so you own 200x10=2000 tokens in total!
The referral program ends when the crowdsale ends, on December 29th or when the hard cap is reached. Tokens will be distributed in several weeks after the crowdsale ends.

In line with our values of transparency, honesty, and fairness, we refused to give any bonuses because we know that our economic model is strong enough to see BitDegree succeed without engaging in any malpractices.

We plan to offer anyone sharing our vision to contribute to the development of BitDegree by buying BitDegree tokens during the Initial Coin Offering event, which will be held on Q4, 2017. BitDegree goal is to raise a minimum of 5 million USD and to stop accepting contributions when 25-30 million USD will be collected. Some of the numbers may change due to ETH/USD exchange rate volatility, but the following numbers are best estimates as of September, 2017.

• Maximum financing:

75,000 ETH - may change due to exchange rate changes;

• Minimum financing:
16,000 ETH - may change due to exchange rate changes;

• Exchange rate:
1 ETH = 10,000 Bitdegree Tokens - may change with ETH exchange rates;

• Token contract address:
Will be published only on website bitdegree.org 48hrs before the crowdsale launch date;

• Launch date and time:
Date to be announced soon. Block number will be published on website. Dates may be prone to change;

• Token launch time-frame:
30 days.

• Token launch completion:
Token launch will end when either the maximum number of ETH is raised or 30 days have
passed. If less than the minimum of ETHs are raised, ETH can be retrieved by holders of
BitDegree Token;

• Contributors sending ETH to BitDegree Smart Contract address will immediately receive

Token Distribution

• BitDegree foundation: 150 million;
• Scholarships pool: 375 million;
• Token available to public at launch: 765 million;
• Team: 150 million; locked for 360 days;
• Bounties / Advisors / Partners: 60 million;
• Tokens in total: 1,5 billion.

Thanks to our user base of over 29 million — and growing! — users, we are certain that BDG will benefit from a massive token network effect. The token network effect occurs when students begin to use our platform, and pass on the benefits of pursuing a BitDegree course of study to those within their communities. As the number of BitDegree users increases, this will drive the value of the BDG upwards due to the limited amount of them in circulation. Therefore, this cycle makes BDG an “exclusive” and in demand asset. A more in-depth explanation of the token network effect is available here.

BitDegree plans to give token holders the opportunity to receive a time-scaled discount on all BitDegree courses. Therefore, those who buy tokens during the upcoming token sale may receive the chance to spend less on courses in the future, because the discount — if issued — will be dependent on how long the token is held.

BitDegree website: https://www.bitdegree.org/
White paper: https://www.bitdegree.org/white-paper...
Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top...
Telegram chat: https://t.me/bitdegree
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitdegree.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitdegree_org


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