Hello everyone, today i wanna tell you about one very interesting project, this project called OUTOFTHELOOP. The aim of the project is to create a blockhain based, centralized platform that aims to create a data storage and downloading system in a safe way, to create a completely reliable platform by preventing it from being indexed by any software on this platform, and to use it in a way that you can protect it on the program without downloading the downloaded data again and again. https://www.outofthecloud.io/

Today, there are many data storage platforms. However, in most of these platforms, data storage and downloading is performed again and again. In particular, data downloads are performed repeatedly. So once you have deleted the data you downloaded on your computer and you have to download the same file again on the platform to use again. In this case, it can make it quite annoying in time. In addition, for many data download platforms to download files, you must either disable the extra features or download after many approval cases. As such, most people do not want to use data storage systems and do not want to repeat unnecessary approval processes.

In addition to these shortcomings in data storage systems, there is no possibility of profiling on many platforms. In other words, the headers and links of the files to be downloaded in these storage systems are available on the market, except for the user's name, and most of the time they do not even write this user name. As such, this often leads to problems in the security of the data to be downloaded and may cause serious damage to our computers and may lead to the capture of personal and private information. In addition to these problems, you will experience a long process to erase this file on data storage platforms for files that you have accidentally uploaded, and this may cause others to accidentally retrieve the file you installed. For the solution of all these problems, OUTOFTHECLOUD project is presented. Let's begin to examine the changes that the project will attempt to make in the process of the idea and then start to examine the ico process.

The purpose of the OUTOFTHECLOUD project is to create a high-level data storage system that aims to create a blockhain-based, centralized platform that will not require indexing of the project and the need to re-download your downloaded files, providing users with a profile and equal earnings. When you download any file on the platform, you do not need to download it again to check this file. You can check and view the files you have downloaded through a Steam-style program at any time. In this way, you do not perform the same process over and over again to save time. In addition, as is the case with other data storage systems, you do not need unnecessary approvals.

The project also provides the possibility to profile each user. This allows you to view and download all files uploaded to the user's profile that you are downloading. In this way, you can be comfortable to download a user's proven files. But I say this to you, but the platform will have a high level of security and algorithm will be able to detect files that will damage your machines in a short time. In addition, unlike other platforms, you are not required to be given permanent permission to follow. In other words, you will not be able to follow the download process when you download the file, so you will not have any follow-up. Finally, as this will lead to equal earnings policy for everyone, advertising will be provided from other platforms and sponsors. I tried to tell you the idea process of the project. Let's start to examine the ico process.

The token symbol of the OUTOFTHECLOUD project has been set to OUT. The project is based on ERC20 and it also accepts its investments as ETH. The total suply amount of the project, namely the total number of tokens, was determined as 1,200,000,000 units of OUT. In the process of pre ico, ie in the front ico process, it is aimed to sell 300 million units of OUT token in total. In the main ico process, it is aimed to sell 400 million OUT token icons and the ico process is still continuing. The minimum investment amount is $ 1. The project's softcap cost, ie, the minimum investment target is determined as $ 10 million, while the hardcap price, ie the maximum investment target, is set at $ 50 million. The value of 1 token in the project is $ 0.15. https://www.outofthecloud.io/

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