"AMLT" Токен безопасности и обеспечение легитимности в крипто мире. ICO LIVE.

The cryptocurrency market is very promising and for a long period of time it is experiencing incredible growth. Many people want to try their hand at mining or currency speculation, which generates a new and new influx of investors into this industry.
Unfortunately, the lack of a legislative basis for the regulation of such financial relations simply does not exist in many countries, which imposes its nuances in the trade in crypto currency and a certain share of the risk of being deceived.

AMLT is a company that guarantees the provision of a platform with a high level of security for crypto-currency transactions and a system for assessing and trusting various players in the foreign exchange market. The company's site uses more than 200 proprietary processes and tools to analyze data and ensure the efficiency of the transaction system, improve security and reduce costs. The new system will be able to help market participants, find data on the trustworthiness of a particular person or group, have data on the level of risk of making deals, and much more. This will ensure the effectiveness of compliance with all market processes in the world community. All registered users can leave objective feedback about this or that participant, thus forming a personal rating system. Thanks to the anonymity and impossibility of subjective evaluation in the code of algorithms, it is possible to largely remove from the shadow of any operations with crypto currency. This is a key aspect that will serve to increase the popularity of the new service in the future.

The developers are not in a hurry and are trying to introduce the system as much as possible into the realities of the modern crypto community. The road map of the project, surprisingly, does not abound with significant information. In addition to the launch of the ICO, which took place on December 12, 2017, and the release of personal AMLT tokens, plans are also to launch the site in a test mode until March 2018. Algorithm of rating and control of investments is in development and is planned for release not earlier than July 9. Partial functioning of the system for the first investors will start from September 6. Starting November 12, 2018, the stage of free registration and the operation of the service for a wide range of users will start. The creators ambitiously declare their intention to enter the top leaders in providing a number of crypto-exchange services in the third quarter of 2019.

As for ICO from AMLT, this event is in full swing. Starting from December 12, 2017 and until January 30, 2018 will be the main fundraising. In terms of the token (currency), the AMLT with the same number of coins issued will be issued, which will equal 400,000,000. Thirty thousand tokens have already been implemented due to a number of large investors. At this stage, the third part of the required amount is collected, which allows developers to proceed to the immediate creation and promotion of the service. The interest of large players and a number of respected brokers in the service gives hope for the company's soon appearance in the leaders in providing identification services and rating systems for crypto-currency players with an unsatisfactory transactional history or fraud.


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