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Good evening dear friends, subscribers and also guests of my blog Golos. Today I would like to write once again for you an article about such an important and absolutely necessary system that is called BankEx.
For digital money and cryptocurrencies lies the future device of trade. This market is the embodiment of the future, because already now almost all people prefer to shop or receive various bonuses and discounts on the Internet, sitting at their computer in warmth and comfort. BankEx is a crypto currency avant-garde, because it is this project that can solve the multi-tasking of the banking sector right now. Such investments can bring many benefits, and if you do not know where you can invest your money wisely - you should learn more about BankEx.

BANKEX is among the top 10 financial world startups as a decentralized banking exchange service. The BANKEX Proof-of-Asset Protocol (PoA) is a standard that allows you to create assets and contracts to build decentralized capital markets. The main task of BANKEX creators is to give more liquidity to those assets that are currently underestimated. The company is developing a technology for their digital processing using smart contracts based on ethereum-blockade. The value of each asset is determined in the corresponding tokens with the help of the IOT equipment, which is then generated in a bid, and this bid is placed on the exchange, where it can be purchased for the BEKEX tokens (BANKEX tokens).

You can imagine that you have a room that can be rented. In the presence of all the necessary factors: powerful ventilation, the presence of the Internet and parking spaces and much more. It is located near the center, which makes it attractive enough and convenient to use. You decided to lease it using BankEx. It is necessary to go to the platform, indicate information about the location of the room. Subsequently, you also need to confirm that you are the real owner. The platform system receives and processes all data sent by you. After this process and confirmation of information, the electronic currency is released. You decide on your own how you will sell tokens. For example, the cost of one token allows you to use the room for a certain time. Also, you can sell the room, and tokens will buy a few other participants to start a joint venture.

There are many owners of assets - this creates an obstacle to communication and causes distrust, making it difficult to find a communication point of view. The variance of assets is quite high, which is why the understanding of the real cash flow generated by each individual asset is significantly blurred. Do not forget that to achieve the desired liquidity, projects need a long period of launch. Also, to attract the desired level of investment for companies that do not want to flit in public, the opportunity to enter financial markets is simply not there.
Bankex is quite an up-to-date product. It allows you to make the integration as efficiently as possible. The requirements for the regulation of the financial system are becoming increasingly strict. This trend was affected by a large number of events, but especially - the financial crisis. Expenses associated with various processes increase. To integrate with the legislative system becomes a difficult task. Therefore, the majority of players will apply to the use of the BaaS product from the Bankex platform. This will allow them to avoid significant spending.

At the moment, the banking system has long been obsolete, and many already understand that it is imperfect. This led to the birth of BankEx, because this company brought to the market a completely new system of finance, which will entail great value.

The main distinguishing feature of the Proof-of-Asset Bankex protocol, along with its analogues, is the ability to tokenize various types of assets, since it has a modular structure. This protocol is a set of principles and basic technologies that allow more efficiently develop new classes of token assets for almost every type of asset.

What types of assets can be tokenized? The above set of tools can work to tokenize any assets around the world. Tactic assets for tokenization are a class of assets with a total capitalization of over $ 10 trillion, which generate or can generate cash flow.
Now, every user of the ecosystem can take advantage of the transformation of huge assets requiring significant legal and accounting services to a token size that will accelerate and facilitate its transfer from one owner to another in the event of purchase. Thus, the reduction of complex labor-intensive process is reduced by no more than a mouse click.
Bankeh offers its services primarily for assets in the financial market, which creates liquidity for banks and investment opportunities with expected and net cash income. He seeks to build online assets with the help of artificial intelligence and his strategic partners.

Even if you want to conduct an ICO for your business, it's easier to use ISAO (Initial Smart Asset Offering). This is much simpler and faster than conventional ISO.
If you are interested, you can invest in the project now. It is only necessary to buy platform tokens. Bidding will be held until December 28, and each attracted token will be used to improve the performance of the BANKEX platform itself. Therefore, hurry to become one of the first.

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